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OLT-4201 / Automatic Transmission Advanced680This course covers the theory and operation of the automatic transmission in 22 separate modules. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-311 / Duramax Diesel Update: L5P60The newest engine in the Duramax family is the L5P. This engine includes mechanical upgrades, a new fuel delivery system, solenoid style fuel injectors, a revised high pressure pump, and a brand new air induction system with a high tech mass air flow sensor. These compliments contribute to making an incredible 925 ft. lbs. of torque. This program will take you through the diagnostic procedures and component testing techniques of the low and high pressure fuel system, the new air induction system along with revised emission components to keep you up to date with GM’s latest diesel engine. Course Objectives: Understanding Low Side Fuel Stress Test Understanding Procedures with Scan Tool for Resets and Relearns Know how to perform a Cylinder Contribution Test Understanding Important Data PID List Know how to perform a Bi-directional Test Know the newest parts for a more quiet operation (Oil Pan, Valve Cover, and Fuel System) Understand how to perform Sensor Testing Understanding Service and MaintenanceOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1005 / Visionary vs. Integrator30Which one are you? We’ll discuss the general characteristics of visionaries and integrators. You’ll discover that each is equally valuable and that they both need each other. With good communication, visionaries and integrators can work amazingly well together and accomplish great things in a timely and organized manner.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-143SP / LBT-143 SP Estrategias Diagnosticas100LBT-143 SP OBD comprensivo I e II con Sergio FernandezOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-293 / Mastering the Module Flash60Join instructor Dave Hobbs in this training program on mastering the module flash! Dave will cover the J2534 standard for module flashing, how to determine if your customer needs a flash, the tips and tricks for actually flashing a vehicle, and finally how to follow-up a successful flash. Delphi’s Dave Hobbs will guide us through the world of electronic control modules, how they go wrong, and how technicians can ensure the modules do the best job they can. This program will cover the different kinds of module flashes, which scan tools to use for each job, and how to follow-up a flash to ensure update completion. Topics Cover: Module Reprogramming Where to Find Calibration Updates Base Line Calibration Tables GM Re-flashes Hands – On training Delphi iFlash Software J2534 Application Relearning Systems Quirks and Issues that you will run into when Re-flashingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1301 / Sales Focused Key Performance Indicators30Every company needs foundational sales metrics that measure success in your business. Greg and Jason discuss how to look at KPIs and their effect on the business. Great ideas are discussed to get you thinking about what’s important to you.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
AVI-ASEG1 / ASE-G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair120ASE G1 Test Prep-Auto Maintenance and Light RepairOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-54 / Diagnostic Strategies: Ignition & Misfires50ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - In Part 3 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover Ignition & Misfires. As with Part 1 on Air Induction and Part 2 on Fuel Delivery, this course is designed to help the technician with diagnostic information they can use on a daily basis. Your instructor, Ron Bilyeu has over 30 years of experience and will share his knowledge of the following topics: Identifying cylinder misfires using DTCs, Misfire PIDs and more. Mode 6 - The Good & The Bad. Cylinder contribution and balance testing. O.P. and Near C.O.P. systems. Primary, Secondary and Amperage waveform analysis. Ignition testing using O2 sensor data AND MUCH MORE!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
EET-4200-4VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Digital Storage Oscilloscope Setup & Operation240The Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) is fast becoming a primary tool for the automotive diagnostic technician. The setup and operation of the DSO is presented so that a technician can take advantage of the tool’s many features. Learn to set up the DSO to acquire a correct waveform, store it for future reference, and interpret the waveform for diagnostic purposes. Voltage settings, time base and triggering techniques are covered so that any signal may be displayed and analyzed accurately and efficiently. If you are considering buying or already own a scope, this class will provide information that will allow you to confidently use a DSO to aid in your diagnostic process.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
STA-3805-4VC / Scan Tool Analysis Modern Air/Fuel Management240Air/Fuel management has changed drastically in recent years and what we expect to see in fuel trim reactions to systems faults may not apply to today’s vehicles. Special emphasis will be placed on the effects of the downstream exhaust gas sensor on fuel control. Completion of our earlier fuel trim classes is encouraged. Topic discussed will include: • The Air Equation • Air control • Fuel delivery • Feedback devices • Control outside of stoichiometry • Adaptive range and strategy • The effects of secondary control • Key PIDS and analysisILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0157 / Establishing Service Advisor Goals20Want to grow business? Establish Service Advisor Goals! These goals will not only motivate your Service Advisors, but will trickle to the shop and motivate the technicians. Come learn why Service Advisor Goals drive your business, what goals to consider setting, and what to do when the goal gets accomplished.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-224 / LBT-224 AC Best Recommended Practices75LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended PracticesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
GDI-4203-4VC / Gasoline Direct Injection: Analytic Test Drive240A test drive is not intended to isolate faults which may be causing a symptom or concern. The purpose of an analytic test drive is simply to gather information. Then once the information you have gathered has been analyzed, you can determine the proper test or tests to perform in order to narrow down the problem to a vehicle system or subsystem and eventually diagnose the root cause of a problem accurately. This class will examine several examples of captured scan data from GDI vehicles. This data will quickly assess the condition of the engine management system, verify correct operation, or find clues that will direct intrusive pinpoint tests efficiently. Whether the problem is DTC driven or symptom driven, a repeatable test drive cycle will determine if the root cause is air (VE) related, fuel related, or adaptive related.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-299 / Oils: The Slippery Slope110Engine Oil, the slippery slope.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-34 / ABS – Enhanced Stability Systems, Operation, Analysis, and Repair75ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - This class will cover ABS operational systems including traction control and enhanced stability systems. Mark DeKoster will teach you common failures, inspection techniques and what to look for, and the use of tools for analyzing concerns such as digital multi-meters scan tools and oscilloscopes Topics covered: Understanding the ABS system and components network communication Component testing Calibration and replacement modules Suspension system Tire maintenance Safety precautions for hybrid vehiclesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ILT-1207VC / Import Computer Controlled Charging Systems480Today's charging systems are becoming more and more complex with the continuing addition of electronically controlled vehicle features. It is not unusual to find a 130 amp alternator on a vehicle that only a few years ago would have been equipped with a 60 amp version. With all that power available, the PCM must take total control of the charging system to manage the power output all the while maximizing fuel economy. This course will cover current import charging systems. You will learn how to use essential electronic skills along with scan data to make accurate diagnostic decisions.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0154 / Coaching Employees20Coaching employees is a basic, and critical, management skill. It is different than showing, teaching, and doing. Developing management skills will allow you to create a self sufficient, sustainable, and growing organization. Expect to learn what coaching is, how to coach, and what you can do to learn coaching skills.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-30 / Who Killed the CAT60In this class, "Who Killed The Cat" Ron will give you a thorough understanding of all the emission codes related to catalytic efficiency and what causes them. Most Shops need to make a proper diagnosis using their scan tool. Ron will share with you his strategy to determine what killed the catalytic converter before you have it replaced.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2104 / General Maintenance Theory420Entry level technician general maintenance theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
AVI-ASEA4 / ASE-A4 Test Prep-Suspension and Steering150AVI and veteran instructor Dave Hobbs bring you the ultimate training for the ASE A4 test. Dave not only helps you master the Suspension and Steering test, but also gives you valuable insight on challenging problems coming into your bay on these systems. Go beyond the classroom with hands-on inspection, diagnostic tips, and scan tool demonstrations. Dave Hobbs covers extensive steering, suspension, wheel alignment, and wheel and tire diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes. Get your hands dirty and learn the differences between manual and electronic steering. Get updated information on newer systems like variable assist power steering and electronic ride control. Get a better understanding on how to properly diagnose and repair steering systems using different diagnostic tools. Dave also covers airbag safety tips for steering wheel removal, ride control scanner PIDS and alignment rack do’s and don’ts. This training course also comes with the A4 Suspension & Steering Study Guide that contains dozens of useful illustrations. Whether you want to pass the A4 ASE certification test or you work with steering and suspension systems in your shop, you won’t want to miss this training program. Runtime: 150 minutes Note: The A4 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-243 / LBT-243 Quick Check Diagnostics220LBT-243 Quick Check DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1403 / Websites30Understand from marketing experts what is needed to have a compelling, informative, engaging and successful website for both the desktop and mobile user.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1905 / Recruiting30Explore and understand the changes and evolution of recruiting. There is no question that recruiting is one of the most challenging portions of running and growing a business. We’ll equip you with proven tools to help make good use of your time, resources, and energy when recruiting.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0184 / Establishing A Quality Control Program20You have nothing if you do not have quality! This is stated in many of the videos and all of our instructor led classes. Yet, what does a quality control program look like? Why don't more shops have a functioning one? Expect to learn the elements of a formal Quality Control Program, important considerations of such a program, and how you can use a Quality Control Program in your marketing.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA0158 / Establishing Technician Performance Goals20Performance goals can be the key to making higher revenues and gross profits. Sometimes just setting the goal is enough, other times you need to provide guidance and accountability. Learn how to set the goal, how to hold technician's accountable, and what you can do with performance goals to increase the money you make. why Service Advisor Goals drive your business, what goals to consider setting, and what to do when the goal gets accomplished.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-2302 / Clutch Theory285Entry level technician clutch theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0144 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Front Brakes30A basic technical knowledge can be useful when selling common, high gross profit, jobs. This program provides a basic understanding of disc brake systems, components, and language that can be used to describe to a customer what they are experiencing, why, and what needs to be done about it. OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-35 / MACS 2016 AC Update60There’s a lot to know in the ever-changing world of Mobile A/C, and MACS and AVI have got you covered! What’s up with this new refrigerant we’ve been hearing about? Is there new equipment my shop is going to need? How will we service this next generation of vehicles? Join Steve Schaeber, MACS Manager of Service Training for this highly informative, up-to-date seminar, covering the latest from the leader in mobile A/C. Topics Covered: Refrigerant Identification Accurate Temperature Testing A Few “Cool” New Features Do You Need New Equipment? J3030 “Multi-Refrigerant” Machines R/R/R Equipment & Service Time Update on Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf, CO2 & Section 609 CertificationOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-EPT001 / EPT-001 Essentials of Performance Tuning75EPT-001 Essentials of Performance Tuning: Take Me to the P.R.O.M.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-1107 / Precision Measurement & Related Theory440Entry level technician precision measurement & related theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-319 / What You Need to Know About Lean P-Code Conditions180This class, taught by Ron Bilyeu, covers some of the most popular Diagnostic Trouble Codes that technicians face every day, P0174 and P0171 Lean Conditions. The issue is there is such a variety of problems that can cause the engine management computer to increase fuel trim adaptation. Once the Fuel Trims get too far away from target 0.0%, there are certain load cells programmed in the computer that are weighted to set the popular codes for each individual bank. How many issues can cause the computer to add fuel trim? We cover any and all with case studies from a variety of makes and models. There will never be a code P0171/P0174 that will blindside you again!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2503 / Disc Brakes Theory170Entry level technician disc brakes theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2607 / Charging System Theory415Entry level technician charging system theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-312 / Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies330Instructor Bill Fulton covers a wide range of areas in this very comprehensive and updated course. With almost 3 hours of detailed information, technicians will have new respect for the diagnostic power of their scan tools. This course includes live on-car demonstrations, plus lots of case studies from a variety of makes and models. Course Objectives: Understand hands on scan tool testing including data packets & what each one can do for you Identify 10 Global Modes/Each mode individually and what info it provides and why (how to use the modes in depth to better diagnose the vehicle) Perform wide range 02 sensor testing (case studies on a Ford, Nissan, Honda, & Toyota) Understand Lambda Fuel Trims & Fuel Ratios Understand ignition issues & Intermittent Misfires Understand Mass Air Flow Sensor Diagnostics & Hands on MAF Replacement Identify Variable Cam Timing Data (at idle & during test drive) Identify P0 Codes related to MAF & Fuel Trim/P0440 Code (Electronic Throttle Control data, EVAP & Purge Test, Fuel Trim, Power Break Condition test) Hands on Case studies (02 & 05 F150, 05 Mustang, 09 Chevy Silverado, 08 Chrysler Town & Country, 08 Prius, 02 Dodge Caravan, 14 Nissan Maxima, Chevy S-10, 05 & 2012 Chevy Equinox)OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-287 / LBT-287 6.7L Power Stroke Training60LBT-287 6.7L Power Stroke TrainingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-159SP / LBT-159 SP Sacarle lo probecho a tu Genisys60LBT-159 SP Sacarle lo probecho a tu 3.0 GenisysOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1002 / The Most Important 7 Inches Intro30Congratulations on reaching out and seeking to better yourself and your business! We’ll journey together through the process of creating a healthy mindset of success in YOUR most important 7 inches. This is a foundational piece to growing your business and achieving your goals and dreams, both personally and professionally. Let’s dive in!OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-11 / Testing and Diagnosing Turbo Charging Systems45Forced induction has become the strategy of choice for manufacturers looking to squeeze more power out of their diesel vehicles while still meeting the stringent guidelines the government has put in place to regulate fuel efficiency. This LiveStream covers diesel diagnostics with a focus on turbos and turbo systems. Topics Covered: Diagnosing loss of power Diagnostic Procedures Leak detection Twin Turbo systems False code diagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
AVI-ASEA3 / ASE-A3 Manual Drivetrains and Axles165The ASE A3 Certification Test covers what you need to know about Manual Drivetrains and Axles. This class has unique cut-outs of transmission parts for hands-on training and explores the basic fundamentals of the transmission. Bill Haas covers: Clutches, drive shafts, differentials, transfer cases, front and rear axles Clutch function, service, diagnosis, adjustment, removal and replacement Transmission slippage and identifying oil leaks, bearing repair, and more The ASE program includes a booklet with comprehensive glos­sary, including all manual drivetrain & axle-related terms used in the study guide with dozens of useful illustrations. You will find the ASE A3 Manual Drivetrain & Axles self-study guide to be a handy reference manual that you can use on the job after you've taken the ASE test Runtime: 3 Hours Note: The A3 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-8 / Computer Engine Data: Make Testing Quicker120In this course, Ron Bilyue takes you through the ins and outs of reading and understanding computer engine data and how to apply that data to real world diagnostics. This course examines various monitoring systems individually to help you achieve a detailed understanding of what that system is reporting. It is also important to view these systems from a distance to make data comparisons in order to get to the most logical conclusion in the diagnostic process. Topics Covered: Scan Tool Routine Fuel System Monitor Ignition Monitor Oxygen Sensor Monitor EGR Monitor EVAP System Monitor Catalyst Efficiency Positive & Negative Fuel TrimsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0140 / Speaking the Technicians Language30Service advisors and technicians sometimes speak different languages! Often this can create some real challenges in the work environment that then affects customers and the customer perception of your shop. Learn how to speak with your technicians for maximum communication, fewer challenges, and better teamwork!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-322 / Beyond Pattern Failures135“Beyond Pattern Failures”, instructor Bill Fulton presents a diagnostic approach that starts with the symptom then moves to the system that may be causing the problem. Along the way, he shows how not to jump to conclusions based on “pattern failures”, and what to do when you have no P-codes. Topics covered include: Network Testing Load Calculations Key On, Engine Off Sweep Testing Code 31 Diagnosis & Performing An Idle Relearn Validating Good & Bad TAC Motor Commands Using A Scanner Time Saving Tips Using A COP Wand Wide Range Air Fuel Ratio Sensors Using Scan Data, Map Sensors & Rich Code Diagnosing Lack Of Power and Misfires Spark Duration During Idle No Load Conditions Using Scope Pattern To Diagnose Misfire Under Load With No Codes Cold Start Up & Poor Acceleration The Importance of Using Ford’s Self-Test and more!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-212 / LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform90LBT-212 Anatomy of a WaveformOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
EQUIP-2908-4VC / Autel MS908 Familiarization Live240This 4 hour class is designed to improve understanding of the Autel 908 scan tool. We will explore operation for techs that may not have attended any introductory training, were not mentored or do not have experience using the Autel 908 or 908p. The class will be taught from an Autel 908 connected to a running vehicle. Students may or may not currently perform drivetrain diagnostics but have need to reset oil life monitors, steering angle sensors, perform ABS functions, etc. This class centers around the update process, menu navigation, data selection and bidirectional functions of the Autel 908 on various systems. Students can bring their Autel Tablet, VCI, and Charger. Optionally bring a USB cable and Borescope. Simulators will be available for hands-on exercises in the classroom. This class will allow flexibility to answer specific tool use questions from the students in the class.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-321 / Bosch Quick Strike EVAP System Diagnostics90The most common evaporative emissions fault codes relate to leaks in the fuel vapor system, which means checking for leaks is a critical diagnostic process. Unfortunately, not all vehicles use the same EVAP system, which complicates the leak checking process. The addition of gas capless systems also creates issues for those who like to test from the gas cap. This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide a quick strike process to quickly identify and test a variety of fuel vapor systems for leaks. Topics Covered: Review common EVAP system components Leak Testing 101 process overview How to deal with gas capless systems Learn how to deal with vehicles without a vent solenoidOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-286 / 7 Ways to Improve Cash Flow & Increase Profit60Charging and starting systems are changing as fast as current model years roll out. What we used to do to test them doesn’t always apply to the new way of testing today’s vehicles. Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger. This program will show you how to diagnose these issues and keep your skills up to date.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
AVI-ASEA9 / ASE-A9 Test Prep150ASE A9 Test Prep-Light Vehicle Diesel EnginesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0136 / Service Counter Process Gather Customer Information30The information collected from a customer at the beginning of the selling process is critical to high levels of customer satisfaction, proper diagnosis, and customer relationship development. In this program you will learn to quickly, accurately, and completely gather customer information.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1204 / DNA of a Professional Service Advisor30We’ve all struggled with knowing if we’ve got the right service advisor for our company. We dig into some helpful ways to narrow the scope and have a higher probability of making the right match. The process starts with a structured interviewing process that quickly deciphers the person's DNA and their potential cultural fit in your company. You'll learn what characteristics are often present in a highly successful service advisors and be able to identify those natural sales characteristics found in great advisors.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2402 / Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS180Entry level technician Tire Pressure Monitor System TPMSOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2802 / Air Intake & Exhaust Theory270Entry level technician air intake and exhaust theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-4402 / Suspension Systems Advanced260This course contains 20 modules covering suspension systems.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-340 / Diesel Tips & Tricks165Tony Salas, one of the aftermarket’s most respected diesel instructors, offers up some of his best tips and tricks when servicing a variety of the popular light duty diesel engines Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke. Tony’s tips not only help you fix diesels faster, but he also points out how to prevent future customer issues and what you may be doing wrong that leads to comebacks. Topics Covered: Case Studies Diagnostic Scenarios Induction Systems Common Rail Injection Issues Programming Issues Drivability Problems Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: Identify Steps To Prevent Duramax 6.6L Engine Issues Regarding Injector Clogging Explain How Variable Vane Turbochargers Work and Various Diagnostic Procedures Related to them Describe Methods To Prevent Excessive Diesel Regenerations Explain Various Methods To Prevent and Repair Coolant Electrolysis Describe Power Stroke 6.7L CP4 Pumps and Their Preventative Maintenance Recognize and Check For Turbocharger Boost Leaks Explain How To Test Cummins 5.9L Common Rail Issues Using Air PressureOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0167 / Answering the Phone20How and when you answer the telephone is often overlooked in many businesses. When done properly it builds brand, converts to appointments, and instills confidence. When performed poorly it will increase anxiety, cast doubt, and rarely result in a visit.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
ASE-L1 / L1 - Advanced Engine Performance Specialist60Test Prep - Advanced Engine Performance SpecialistOLT CourseASE Test Prep
ILT-1103-4VC / Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Sensors240Well over 20 years ago vehicle manufacturers began to utilize a more accurate sensor for the measurement of exhaust gas oxygen concentration. It took many years for the new Wide Band Air Fuel Ration sensor technology to become a mainstream component and now they are failing. This course will provide the knowledge necessary to properly identify and diagnose fuel system issues in systems using these sensors. Diagnosing AFR signals can be tricky and your instructor will show you the best way to obtain a clean usable signal trace so that comparisons with the scan data can be made. If you struggle to properly diagnose these AFR sensors or just want clarification on their operation this is another class you just can't afford to miss.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-4501 / Brakes Advanced785This course covers the theory and operation of brake systems in 23 modules and quizzes. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2001 / Mentorship30Mentorship has been around for centuries. We’ll lay out all the positive impacts that a mentor and a mentee relationship can have on your organization. You’ll see why it’s justified to put additional energy into launching or improving an internal mentorship preprogram.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
BSMK-5901-4 / Marketing Essentials: 13 Foundational Strategies240This interactive class will uncover critical marketing tools you can put in place immediately. No bells and whistles, just practical and effective marketing strategies for your shop. Get answers to these questions and more: • Can I really do all of this myself? • How necessary is a website? • Is networking still important? • Why is branding such a big deal? Engage openly with Brian and Kim Walker, past shop owners, as they discuss easy-to-implement foundational strategies. This class will conclude with must-know info for developing your next steps. ILT CourseWPAC
LDD-3005-4VC / Light Duty Diesel: Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems240Since 2007, all light duty diesel vehicles sold in the United States are equipped with an exhaust aftertreatment system of some type. Those technologies can include diesel oxidation catalysts, NOx catalysts, diesel particulate filters, selective catalyst reduction using diesel emissions fluids, or any combination of these subsystems. This class will present the operation and design of these complex systems along with techniques for effective diagnosis. Skills and knowledge from this class cannot only be applied to today’s pickups and vans, but also diesel equipped cars.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-4804 / Gasoline Direct Injection Advanced280This course covers the theory and operation of GDI in 16 modules and quizzes.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-272 / MACS AC Temperature Testing75LBT-272 MACS A/C Temperature TestingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1105 / Culture and Values30Culture and values reflect what’s important to your company. They will define your behavior and expose those indispensable traits of your organization daily. Explore what others have established as essential characteristics for their staff and the environment they share. Construct and describe what your company’s personality will look like internally and how it will be viewed externally. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-4701 / HVAC Systems Advanced1015This is a 24 module course covering modern automotive HVAC systems theory and operation including leak detection. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-202 / LBT-202 Misfire Diagnostics75LBT-202 Misfire DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2105 / Accounting Part 5 - Accounts Payable30Mrs. Cindy Crosby, Accounting Manager for Transformers Institute, discusses best practices and procedures for processing accounts payable, sales tax, daily cash reports, payroll, and year end reports. Cindy also explains how to interpret bank statements, P& L reports, and balance sheets.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0152 / Asking the Right Questions As A Service Advisor20Asking the right questions is the key to both efficient workflow and high levels of customer satisfaction. What questions should be asked though? How should they be asked? When should they be asked? Come find out!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
ILT-1404-8VC / Diagnostic Secrets of a Mobile Diagnostician480This course is designed to deliver in depth explanations of high use testing techniques and equipment strategies that are the favorites of top diagnosticians. In depth explanations of test equipment function, set up and testing techniques will be discussed. Learn to make full use of your test equipment investment with techniques you will use for the rest of your career. During this course, both theory and live case study applications will be presented.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-271 / LBT-271 Deceptive Diagnostics60LBT-271 Deceptive DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4607 / Electrical Engineering Applications355This course covers the application of the fundamental components of electrical systems. This eight module course is number 7 of 9 in the series.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-294 / Diagnosing OEM Vehicle Theft Deterrent Systems330Dave Hobbs has some news for you on factory theft systems. Honda, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota theft systems are covered in depth in this video. You’ll learn about how each of the various systems operate and are incorporated into the normal running scenario of today’s cars, as well as the diagnostics processes you’ll need to know. Vehicle theft systems are part of today’s vehicles and sooner or later you’ll run into a no-start condition that is related to the immobilizer system in a particular vehicle. This video covers all of this and more. It’s not all that secretive, but it is not the kind of information that you’ll find in most diagnostic manuals. That information is part of this video and you’ll be glad you invested the time! Passing up a repair because it has something to do with the factory theft system is money your shop is passing up on. AVI’s Dave Hobbs has the answers to those questions you’ve always asked about factory theft systems. Learn about the various types of theft systems used in today’s cars and how to diagnose them, and the equipment needed. From the transponder to programming the theft systems is covered.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0121 / Sales Process Step One30With your understanding of the Customer Buying Process and the importance of Need Recognition, Step One of your Sales Process should be to Listen. In progam we talk discuss Active Listening, what to listen for, and how to create better communication from the initial step of your sales process.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2014 / The Five Dimensions of TeamBuilding PART 230We all strive for higher car counts and showing more profits on the P&L. However, one of the best ways to bring about more profitability is building a more cohesive team. In this two-part series, Rick lays out five practical steps we can all use to inspire and develop dynamic teams.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-45 / Bosch Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics for European Vehicles90European branded manufacturers were the first to introduce Common Rail Diesel (CRD) fuel systems on light-duty passenger car vehicles in the US. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are the most common brands with a variety of vehicle and engine configurations. The process of diagnosing any CRD system begins with a solid understanding of the components involved and how they operate. This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch, will provide an overview of EURO CRD systems and specific processes to quickly and accurately diagnose these systems. Topics covered: CRD fuel system overview Supply fuel side operation and testing High pressure fuel side operation and testing Fuel injector operation and testing Review common issues with EURO CRD systemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4801 / Multipoint Injection180This course covers the basic theory and operation of multiport injection systems in 12 modules and quizzes. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2006 / Policy and Procedures Manual30As a business, you’re challenged to decide what information should or shouldn’t be included in a policy and procedures manual. We’ll go through some major categories that warrant having policies and procedures, as well as give you some specific examples on how detailed these should be.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-239 / LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection75LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0138 / Service Counter Process Scheduling30Scheduling work is important to proper shop loading, ensuring customer satisfaction, and keeping the shop work flowing. How you schedule can ensure steady work, high gross profits, and tremendous levels of customer satisfaction. In this program you will learn how to determine the amount of work you can handle, what to do about the "daily roller coaster" , and best practices that help you get the most out of your daily schedule.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1803 / Facility Maintenance30Keeping your building and equipment in safe and reliable condition has a direct impact on the productivity of your employees. By consistently following simple practices, you can avoid costly repairs, and keep your shop running smoothly without lengthy down times.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-153SP / LBT-153 SP Sistemas de TPM60LBT-153 SP Sistemas de TPMOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2610 / Safety Systems Theory390Entry level technician safety systems theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2201 / Finding the Right IT Company 30As your shop needs grow, should you hire an IT company or handle it yourself? How do you begin looking for the right company and what should you look for? Matt Morley of Amazing7, LLC will explain how to determine what your needs are and how to properly vet potential providers. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0193 / Implementing EIS Part One20Electronic Inspection Systems are prevalent in the industry today, however which one should you go with? This program explores the challenges you will face, the aspects of EIS you need to consider and how you can expect to use an EIS for more than just inspections.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0109 / Customers Love Free30You may not feel like giving away something for free, but customers love it! You love it to...when you're the customer. Free offers can attract those customers you've been missing. Come see the benefits of "free"! Learn what you can offer for free to entice your customer to do business with only you!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-2700 / Heating & Air Conditioning Pre & Post Test180Entry level technician heating & air conditioning pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
ENG-4011-4VC / Variable Displacement Cylinder Management240Variable Displacement Cylinder Management has become a part of many modern engine designs. Each manufacture employs cylinder displacement management using different methods, but all have the same end goal, better fuel economy and emissions. In this class the operation and troubleshooting of variable displacement cylinder management will be covered. In addition, examples of testing and diagnostics will be presented. Systems covered include: • GM Variable Valve Lift and Displacement On Demand • BMW Valvetronics • FCA Multi air • FCA Hemi MDS • Honda VtechILT CourseVirtual Classroom
ASE-A9 / A9 - Diesel Light Engines60A9 - Diesel Light EnginesOLT CourseASE Test Prep
AP-9 / Meter Usage & Electrical Circuit Testing240The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. This program takes a complex system and gives you the fundamentals in terms easily understood by students and technicians of all levels. This class provides detailed explanations, applications and practical uses when utilizing your multimeter in everyday situations. Instructor Dave Hobbs presents an array of Fluke meters illustrating intermediate and advanced operations, buttonology, and functionality through hands on exercises. Dave touches upon series and parallel circuits, electrical theory and the basics of Ohms law, just enough to make it practical for you to apply it to vehicles your working on. This class provides you with the knowledge on how to properly and safely use your multimeter on Hybrid vehicles, conduct voltage drop tests and apply meter accessories for routine uses.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1807 / Security Alarms Video30Focus on protecting your interests and the property of your clients. We’ll delve into the different deterrents you can put into place to protect your assets. With the use of this technology in place, there are unforeseen added benefits to maintaining your company reputation and gathering valuable information under different circumstances that will help protect your business.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0183 / Selling Noise, Vibration, Harshness Diagnosis20Noises and vibrations are a constant customer complaint. Understanding how to sell the diagnosis associated with these concerns is very important to the customer satisfaction end result. Without a formal sales process for selling NVH diagnosis you will leave yourself open to customers believing the solution is simple, easy and not time consuming. Watch this video and learn how customers think of noises, how to position the diagnostic process, how to prepare yourself to sell diagnosis.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-4404 / Wheel Alignment Advanced410This course contains 27 modules and quizzes covering advanced wheel alignment.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
ASE-A6 / A6 - Electrical Systems60Test Prep - Electrical SystemsOLT CourseASE Test Prep
VSSA0182 / Making the Most of Your Customer Referral Program20You may have a Customer Referral Program, but are you getting all that you can out of it? Many shops have a program, yet over time, the program just becomes another part of the business and attention is no longer paid to it. This learning exercise will help you make sure your Customer Referral Program is everything you want it to be, and will show you how to keep it relevant and working for you.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-124 / LBT-124 Ford 7.3L DIT Powerstroke Diagnostics120LBT-124 Ford 7.3L DIT Powerstroke DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-1505 / Understanding Hybrid Technology180Understanding the hybrid technology is critical to keeping hybrid vehicle owners as customers. This course will provide an introductory look at hybrid vehicle design and operation.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0119 / Lost Customer Follow Up30A quick and easy way to grow your car count, and improve your business, is to implement a consistent Lost Customer Follow Up program. Learn what to expect when contacting lost customers, how best to contact these customers, and how to get them back.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0126 / Selling Alignments30Wheel alignment is a great way to grow revenue, find undercar opportunity, and keep your customer's tire investment protected. This program explores how to best sell alignments by leveraging the Customer Buying Process. Learn to relate alignments to what customers recognize, describe what a customer can expect, and how to increase the number of alignments you sell.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-159 / LBT-159 Genisys 3.0150LBT-159 Genisys 3.0 NavigationOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-267 / LBT-267 Genisys 5.0 Training65LBT-267 Genisys 5.0 TrainingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-249 / LBT-249 Getting To Know Your VCI120LBT-249 Bosch VCI TrainingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-3505 / Electric Motors320Course 5 of 9 covers the electric machine in detail helping the learner better understand the foundation knowledge needed to diagnose HEV and BEV systems.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
AD-5701-4 / Turbocharger Operation and Diagnosis240• Turbocharger Designs and Operation • Turbocharger Components: o Exhaust and Compressor Turbine Technology o Recirculating Valves, Wastegate Actuator variations o Pressure, Vacuum and Electrical • Common problems – Symptoms, diagnostics and failure analysis • Oil Consumption – The 4 failures not caused by turbo failure • Positive pressure Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Systems – Symptoms, failures, and diagnostics • Diagnosing Turbo Driveability problems • High-pressure Leak Testing – Tools and techniques • Maintenance practices – Need to know information • Best Installation procedures ILT CourseWPAC
LBT-175 / LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty105LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers LoyaltyOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LDD-5310-8VC / 6.7L Cummins Operation and Diagnosis480The 6.7L Cummins diesel engine was introduced mid-model year of 2007. The first release of the 6.7L engine was rated at 350 HP and 650 lb-ft of torque, which was a slight increase from the 2007 5.9L production of 325 HP and 610 lb-ft of torque. As of the 2018 model year, the 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesel engine produces up to 900 lb-ft of torque. The new 6.7L Cummins design was not solely created for performance improvements, but focused largely on meeting the current and future emissions standards, without sacrificing the towing power Cummins customers had grown to love. This newly designed 6.7L Cummins was a fresh platform on which future emissions restrictions could be met. Topics include: • 6.7L Cummins engine design and specifications • Fuel quality influences • Systems testing and diagnostic approach • Fuel system analysis • Turbo operation and testing • Emissions and aftertreatment function and diagnosis ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-4802 / Engine Management Sensors465This 30 module course covers the theory and operation of engine management sensors.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-3503 / Electric Drive Categories170Course 3 in a 9 course series covering the different types of electric drive systems. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-172 / LBT-172 Ford and Chrysler EVAP45LBT-172 Evap Diagnostics: Ford, ChryslerOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1904 / What Employees Want30This video will answer what applicants and employees really want from their employer. We know you’ll find our research and findings interesting and helpful as you determine how to build an organization that will both attract and retain great employees in the future.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-188 / LBT-188 MACS AC Clinic105LBT-188 MACS A/C ClinicOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1705 / The Walk Around30There is a tremendous amount of influence you can have over the interaction with the client with the simple process of doing a walk around. By spending time with the vehicle and the client prior to engaging in the details of the maintenance or repair, you can substantially bolster communications with the client, build trust, plant the seeds for a long-term relationship, and position yourself for a higher average repair order.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-9 / Wiring Schematics Interpretation90his is a special Live Stream course because it is going to be live from the AVI Conference in Las Vegas. That’s right we are packing up the studio and bringing it all to Vegas so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy some of the awesome training presented here. The understanding of electrical theory, tracing wiring and understanding schematics is essential to be successful in today’s automotive repair industry. In this course, presented by 30-year ASE certified Master Technician Peter Orlando, we cover all the steps necessary to trouble shoot electrical issues quickly and confidently. Peter will run it down from the basics on reading common electrical symbols to understanding power flow and circuit design. Be sure to Log on or sign up for AVI OnDemand to access to live, free course. Schematic symbols Circuit and schematic diagrams Wiring representation and lines of demarcation Use demonstration of location codes for components and connectors Identification and use of common point diagnostics Understand power flow techniques Quick tips and techniques to trace circuitsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ILT-1100-8SPVC / Estrategias Fundamentales de Aire/Combustible del PCM480El diagnóstico de los sistemas de inyección de combustible informatizados complejos de hoy en día puede ser extremadamente difícil sin conocer las normas utilizadas por los ingenieros . Este curso te da las herramientas que se pueden utilizar todos los días para encontrar la dirección de diagnóstico correcto cuando se trata de control de combustible . Este curso debe ser seguido por ILT- 1305 que completa el proceso , desafiando su capacidad de aplicar los conocimientos a ILT 1100 en los vehículos rotos del mundo real.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-4102 / Cooling System Advanced390This course covers the theory and operation of cooling systems in 30 modules and quizzes.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0146 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Rear Brakes30Understanding the basic operating principles of technical systems can make you a better salesperson. This program discusses the basics of rear brakes, the causes of what a customer may be experiencing, and rear brake components.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1707 / POS System30The Point of Sale System is a critical part of your shop because it affects every part of the business and is the foundation of customer interaction and records. Here Greg discusses the questions you need to be asking. Are you getting what you need from your POS? What specific things do you need it to do both now and in the future? He’ll also give you a glimpse of upcoming technology.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0186 / TKSA: Ignition System Basics20Understanding a vehicle's ignition system at a high level will help you instill more confidence in your customer, attain better information from your technician, and be a better automotive sales person. Expect to learn what the system does, common components, and what goes wrong when these components fail.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-54 / LBT-54 Ignition System Testing with Coil-on-Plug and Misfire Detection45LBT-54 Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire DetectionOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-1109 / Tools & Equipment Pre & Post Tests220Entry level technician tools and equipment pre & post testOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1910 / Multigenerational Working Environment30Nowhere else in history have we had such a wide perspective of the modern workplace. In the video, Dan will introduce you to five very distinct generations of workers and how they view their employment and how they measure work in relationship to their entire life. There will be extensive time spent on understanding and adapting to the Millennial generation.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA 0129 / Selling MIL Diagnosis30Selling check engine light diagnostics can be a challenge. Customers often understand only that they have a light that needs to be turned off. Technicians understand the myriad of things that go wrong causing the light to come on. Service advisors understand that customers don't think they should pay for diagnostics. How should all of this be handled so that the shop makes money and customers leave happy? Expect to develop a high level understanding of what is involved in diagnostics, how to present the costs of diagnosis to the customer, and how to manage the process of diagnosis in such a way that everyone stays happy!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1104 / Vision Statement30Vision statements lay out where you are going in the future. They cast a view over the horizon to what will be expected of your organization down the road. Explore others’ vision statements while challenging yourself to answer introspective questions as to what your legacy will be to those that follow.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0180 / MIL: What Does It Mean?20Understanding what is going on when the Malfunction Indicator Light is illuminated can be a key to selling Check Engine Light Diagnosis. This short video explains the concept and reasons behind the MIL, or Check Engine Light, coming on and how this understanding can help you sell more diagnosis.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0145 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Front Suspension30Having some high-level technical knowledge makes selling service, maintenance, and repairs easier and faster. Customers sense the confidence that comes with knowledge and are more apt to form trust with the service advisor. Having some technical knowledge also makes those conversations with technicians more effective, efficient, and provides for less miscommunication. Expect to learn what suspensions systems do, what customers will notice when things go bad, and what you need to know to better sell undercar components!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0142 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Batteries30A basic understanding of how batteries work and why they cost what they do will help any sales conversation. Join us for a high level discussion on the technical aspects of batteries, battery testing, and what customers recognize about batteries.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-4902 / Electronic Diesel Control Advanced335This 18 module course covers the theory and operation of modern electronic diesel control systems.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-229 / LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics420LBT-229 Intermittent DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-204 / Automatic Transmission Diagnostics & Scan Tool Tips540Have you ever had a problem properly diagnosing vehicle transmission related issues due to constantly varied scan tool parameters and procedures? ATSG’s Wayne Colonna is here to help you by providing answers to some of the most difficult transmission related problems, giving you solutions and demonstrations on how to properly diagnose these issues utilizing aftermarket scan tools. This training program presents detailed explanations and breakdowns on scan tool data and how to properly diagnose transmission problems for seasoned or beginner technicians. Wayne tackles transmission problems from top car manufacturers such as, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The fact is advancements occur frequently for optimum transmission performance and a lot of scan tools don’t have the updated information to help properly diagnose current issues. This class helps you pin point the correct diagnostic procedure for up to date transmission repairs, allowing your shop to exceed customer expectations by providing timely and superior transmission servicesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ATV-5202-8VC / ATV: Diagnosing Hybrid Motors & Inverters480This class is a continuation of Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems. As more hybrid vehicles appear in aftermarket shops the need for improved understanding of the operation and diagnosis of inverters and motors becomes increasingly important. This class will focus on the operation of inverters and motors as they apply to today’s hybrids. Learn what knowledge and tooling it will take to accurately diagnose and repair these advanced drivetrain systems. Topics covered will include: • Motor types, components and how they function. • Crucial sensing devices. • Inverter operation and operational strategy. • Modes of operation. • Cooling support systems. • Key scan tool PIDs for analysis of faults. • Special tools and equipment. • Real life examples of inverter/motor faults. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0164 / Owning the Customer20Not quite what it sounds like - more like owning the customer experience! If you understand how to think like your customer - REALLY think like your customer - you can own the experience that customer has. You have the power! Expect to learn exactly what your customer is thinking, exactly what to provide them, and exactly how to own that experience!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1304 / Repair Order Audits30Nothing can be more enlightening than properly doing a repair order audit. Learn what to look at and discover why goals are not being achieved. A quality repair order audit can lead a shop owner or manager to what training the shop needs to focus on.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-2103 / Accounting Part 330There are thousands of accounting firms across the country. But how do you know which firm is right for you? Should your accounting firm be based in the same state as your business, or can you use an out-of-state firm? Mr. Glen Shafer, CPA and CEO of The Shafer Group, will review the pros and cons of using in-state accounting firms versus out-of-state accounting firms.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1407 / Finding the Right Digital Marketing Company30Explore how to best find the right digital marketing company to meet your company’s specific needs and expectations.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1808 / Company Vehicle Maintenance30It’s important to define what works best for you and your clients regarding company vehicles. Company vehicles represent a large asset, alternative transportation for your clients, and a reflection of your business to the public. After viewing this video you’ll have a checklist of things to maintain control of your vehicles, set standards for usage of the vehicles, and leave a favorable impression with your clients.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-205 / LBT-205 Pegisys Essential Techniques Training60LBT-205 Pegisys Essential Techniques TrainingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-324 / 609 Certification Training105The Section 609 Certification Training Program is produced by AVI with support from MACS, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society, and contains the information you will need to pass the Section 609 certification test. By watching the video program, along with using the provided online training resources, technicians will learn about the following topics: Why you need to be Section 609 certified History of the Clean Air Act and how it relates to certification MVAC equipment and refrigerant changes over the years and current use Best practices of MVAC service and procedures Regulations regarding proper handling and disposal of refrigerants Information regarding R-1234yf versus other refrigerant Updated information on the certification requirements to purchase refrigerant & MoreOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1401 / Marketing Intro30In this video Greg will start off with the broad topic of marketing and cover the various approaches to marketing that are typically associated with direct response marketing and branding.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
GDI-4202-4SPVC / Inyección directa de gasolina: Técnicas prácticas de diagnóstico240Este curso se centra en las técnicas de pruebas prácticas aplicadas a los motores de gasolina inyección directa (GDI) soportados por una comprensión de trabajo del sistema y el funcionamiento de los componentes. Esta clase presenta técnicas de prueba esenciales que se pueden aplicar a una variedad de vehículos equipados GDI independientemente de la marca o modelo. Esta clase se centra en el uso correcto de las herramientas comunes de diagnóstico, análisis de datos y técnicas de exploración prueba de manejo adecuadas para ayudar a diagnosticar con precisión algunos de los iddues más comunes que se encuentran en los motores GDI.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
AVI-ASEA5 / ASE-A5 Brakes330Automotive Video's ASE test prep videos have everything technicians need to know to be ASE Certified. Presented by instructor Mark DeKoster this program is a complete A-Z for brakes service and will be a great training experience for any new tech doing brake jobs or techs studying for the ASE A5 brakes certification. A5 addresses the symptoms and causes of the extensive hydraulic braking systems, drum brake, disc brake, parking brake, power assist unit and anti-lock brake system diagnostic information. The program also covers repair information, detailed assembly, cleaning, inspection, and adjustment procedures. Technicians seeking ASE certification will benefit from the valuable preparation offered by this test preparation video. It features the most up-to-date ASE task list, along with practice test questions like those typically seen on an ASE certification exam to help users feel more comfortable and prepared to pass the actual test. Comprehensive coverage includes overviews of each task list topic, plus ASE test taking strategies and detailed explanations. You can be certain that with over 5 hours of video and a study manual by AVI this training program has everything you need to know about brakes. Runtime: 330 minutes Note: The A5 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-1101 / Shop Safety Theory460Entry Level Technician Shop SafetyOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-222 / Advanced Chrysler Diagnostics150Bill Fulton takes you into the shop for live vehicle training. He will cover APPS and TPS sensors, Networking & Bussing, CCD wires and bus circuits, KOER and KOEO testing, Cam and Crank diagnostics and Auto Shut Down & Fuel Pump Relay Schematics and testing. Topics Covered: Electronic Throttle Control: Hard faults & functional testing NGC 5 Volt Power Supply: Missing scan data Problems with exhaust back pressure and too much EGR-why this happens and how to diagnose the problem 7 Hemi Engine Variations: Avoid inductive crossfiring when rerouting spark plug wires, Drive by wire and COP/DIS systems Over 30 mins of hands-on diagnostic testing with Modis & moreOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2206 / Going Digital30Learn how transitioning from a paper-based shop to a digital shop enables your business to run more efficiently while elevating the customer experience along with your profit margin. Presented in conjunction with AutoVitals, this video demonstrates how this type of software implementation works in a real-life situation. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-2003 / Learning Management Systems for Internal Training30Learning Management Systems are now used to an extensive degree across all professions and industries. We’ll introduce you to some creative and easy ways to introduce your employees to digital training.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1806 / Inventory Management30Today there are smarter inventory software systems, more sophisticated ways of tracking inventory in real time, and timelier ways to acquire parts than ever before. In this video, Greg speaks about the factors to consider when deciding how much inventory you need and how it should be tracked. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0161 / The Productivity Dispatch Connection20Production is the key to maximizing the money you make with an automotive repair shop. Your dispatch process directly affects this production capacity. Make sure you are honing your dispatch process to positively influence production. Expect to learn how to dispatch for production, the effect it will have on your technicians, and what to expect when you get the system loaded.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-2 / ABS & Stability Control/Braking Systems Technology65ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - As braking systems become more technologically advanced, so do the problems that arise. Bob Pattengale’s brake technology webcast sponsored by Brake & Front End and Robert Bosch, LLC was held on December 10th, 2013. Bob covered ABS, stability, traction control and everything in-between to get those pesky problems with automatic braking and emergency assist repaired right and out of your bay in no-time.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-28 / Quick Strike Diesel: No Start Diagnostics90You’ve heard the constant cranking of a late model diesel engine and lucky for you, it’s not in your bay. Fuel quality, quantity and atomization need to be so precise there is little room for errors. The key to solving common rail diesel issues is having a solid game plan. This LiveStream event sponsored by Bosch will ensure you are ready when the vehicle is in your service bay. Topics covered: Diesel Fuel System Diagnosis Low Pressure Delivery High Pressure Delivery Fuel Injectors Fuel Sensors & ActuatorsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-230 / LBT-230 OTC TPMS90LBT-230 OTC TPR Fundamental TrainingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2205 / Maximizing Profit and Productivity30Since 2000, technology has dramatically changed shop management systems. Learn how technological integration in your shop can decrease inefficiencies and set you apart from your competitors. Presented by President and CEO of tekmetric, Sunil Patel, topics will include paper versus digital inspections and how to use data to make informed business decisions in real time. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ASE-A8 / A8 - Engine Performance60Test Prep - Engine PerformanceOLT CourseASE Test Prep
HVAC-4000-4VC / Automotive HVAC Update240This HVAC Update class is designed to familiarize the shop and technicians with the current state of A/C service. While it is not designed as a complete A/C refresher course it touches on many foundations from previous courses and adds current information regarding new technologies, diagnostic techniques and the critical nature of HVAC systems today. Who should attend? Both technicians and customer service personnel. Topics include: • Current equipment standards and how to verify capabilities. • The future with R-1234yf and how it will impact the service bays and customer satisfaction. • Real information on safety with new refrigerants. • Changes in leak detection and how to verify equipment operation. • A thorough review of the new service process and machines including video demonstrations. • A review of testing practices with added tools and techniques to save time and increase accuracy.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0171 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors: Parking Brakes20Understanding something about technical systems improves your sales as a service advisor. In this program we discuss the basics of parking brake systems (which if you haven't noticed have changed immensely) and how to present needs to a customer. Expect to learn what makes these systems work, what goes wrong with them, and what needs to be done when things do go wrong.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2007 / Communication Styles30This video will describe the four styles of communications that we use as human beings. Learn how to detect each style along with its positive and negative attributes. Discover the importance of adopting one particular style of communication that will benefit your organization the most.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-16 / Fuel System Diagnostic Starting Point60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Are you making the best use of your valuable diagnostic time? In this session, you will learn a tried and true method of determining how the PCM is reacting to engine performance issues. This simple 4-Step process is designed to work on code and no code drivability issues and can be performed with an inexpensive OBD II generic scan tool. Topics Covered: Review the key fuel system control components. Evaluate critical sensor inputs and environmental conditions. Benefits of using a consistent diagnostic starting point. Learn how to get the most from the 4-Step process. Join us for this LIVE LiveStream brought to you by Robert Bosch, LLC and taught by Jim Wilson.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0130 / Selling Process in General30Your sales process is integral to your success with selling. What is your sales process? Does it work? Does it work as consistently as you'd like? In this program you will learn the elements that should be included in your sales process...or learn to create your own sales process!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1205 / Holding Sales People Accountable30Correcting any employee should be a process that includes respect and is done in an effort to achieve a win-win for the employee and the company. You'll hear something that many shop owners use to drum up friendly competition, as well as what numbers are used to set standards and are then monitored to gauge production. We'll share our opinion on the best type of pay plans to keep your service advisors motivated. Ultimately, consistency is key and with clearly communicated and defined standards, along with positive reinforcement, you get the pleasure of seeing your sales people soar to even higher heights.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1607 / KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)30A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Learn the difference between lead and lag measures and how they play a role in running the business. Determine which KPIs you should be tracking and why they are so important to the success of the shop.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2401 / Wheels & Tires Theory480Entry level technician wheels and tires theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2004 / Financial Planning30Become familiar with the basic tools of financial planning. Learn to appreciate the factors of time and compounding interest to build a strong financial future for yourself and your employees. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-58 / Steering Clear of Undercar Misdiagnosis60ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - In this program, we’ll give you the scoop on steering and suspension system essentials along with helpful diagnostic tips to keep your customers driving straight and riding smooth. Topics Covered: Front & Rear Suspension Types - SLA, MacPherson Strut and solid axle Common Suspension Issues & Tire Wear Tips - Relating 4-wheel alignment measurement to premature tire wear out Electronic Ride Controls & Active Suspension - Active suspension systems with hands on time with a Mercedes Airmatic Variable Effort & Electric Power Steering - Scan tool demos for variable effort steering Mercedes SUV and EPS Ford SUV systemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-177 / Fuel Trim Diagnostics45With the cost of fuel today, gas mileage is more important to your customers than ever. Have you had customers complaining of lost engine power and poor fuel economy? Would you like to sell more fuel injection service work? AVI can help with Fuel Trim Diagnostics. In this program Jim Wilson shows you how to use fuel trim as a diagnostic tool to test certain sensors and to verify your auto repairs. He explains how things like high mileage, dirty injectors, lazy O2 sensors or coking affect short term fuel trim. He also shows you how and what sensors affect fuel trim and how the catalytic converter is involved. Wouldn’t you like to learn more about fuel trim so that you can help improve your customer’s engine power and fuel economy? The answer to where should proper fuel trim values be Where to find all the data to get the job done Live data, setups, lots of tips and great tech logicOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4612 / Alternators430AlternatorsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
MNT-2010-4VC / Proper Maintenance of Gasoline Fueled Vehicles240One of the most misconceived ideas of modern vehicles is that they are maintenance free. Although modern vehicles, in some cases, may require much less frequent routine maintenance than older vehicles, they are far from maintenance free. As automotive technology continues to advance, some maintenance services previously required with earlier technology may be eliminated or reduced, however in many cases, maintenance becomes more critical for these advanced systems. Topics in this class include: • Fluid condition inspection and testing • Maintenance intervals • Service practices • Accessory drive systems • Cooling system hardware • Filtration inspection and service • Carbon issues ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
ASE-A2 / A2 - Automatic Transmission Transaxle60The purpose of the A2 ASE pre-test training is to focus on the part of the A2 that has the highest failure rate: Diagnostics. Instructor Wayne Colonna will cover fundamentals of the torque converter and planetary gear train operation, as well as understanding component application charts, and ending with knowing the difference between a solenoid performance failure and a solenoid electrical failure. A comprehensive understanding of these subjects will enable the technician to determine the proper diagnostic routine regardless of the type of transmission being diagnosed. ASE exams are generic so they can apply to any vehicle. A variety of transmissions are covered in video, focusing on principals of operation and diagnostics that would apply to any style computer controlled automatic transmission. Topics covered include: Torque Converters Planetary Systems One-way clutch device Engine Braking Friction/Band Elements Various Shift Strategies Performance Codes Solenoid Electrical Codes The book also contains: Illustrations, diagrams, charts, DTC descriptions, transmission gear ratio charts, detailed solenoid diagrams, valve body diagrams, accumulator diagrams, pressure tap locations and “integral cooler” information, line pressure specs, case passage identification with “integral cooler” and “remote cooler,” and much more! Runtime: 75 minutes On the current task list, the following sections have quiz questions for you to test your knowledge on the subject matter. To fully understand this concept and obtain training coverage, please refer to the Study Guide. General Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis In-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Maintenance and Repair Off-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Repair Note: The A2 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseASE Test Prep
LBT-146 / LBT-146 Functional Scanner Testing90LBT-146 Functional Scanner TestingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-258 / LBT-258 Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L225LBT-258 Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L Issues and Review of OperationOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-262 / LBT-262 IDS VCM 2120LBT-262 IDS VCM2OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1802 / Vendor Management30We encourage you to hold your vendors to a high, but fair standard no matter who they are or what services/products they provide. This video discusses ways you can do just that, while maintaining price competitive in the marketplace and receiving parts and services that meet or exceed your expectations. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
CHS-3200-4VC / CHS: Alignment Best Practices 240The primary goal of each wheel alignment service is to give our customers a safe and reliable vehicle that performs as designed every time. In this class a review of the alignment angles will be covered. This review is focused on what’s important about angles and why we need to check them during every alignment. We will introduce a concept that will help balance the angles in the right relationship, ensuring performance that meets OE standards. The best practice alignment centers around the customer’s expectations. The customer expects their vehicle to receive a complete alignment, and to be made aware of any underlying concerns that may need to be addressed to return their vehicle to proper alignment. The process that is covered in this class is very thorough and insures that the customer receives the technician’s best efforts. As a technician, this practice will be appreciated as it is designed to avoid as many comebacks as possible. It begins with the pre-alignment preliminary inspection of the components, the vehicles driving tendencies and alignment angles. When these angles are not within the preferred specification, an adjustment or solution will be necessary. “Getting it in the green” or “setting the toe and letting it go” are not good enough, as we will discuss in this class. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-2606 / Starting System Theory390Entry level technician starting system theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-133 / LBT-133 F.R.E.D. Busses The Body90LBT-133 F.R.E.D. Busses the BodyOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1706 / Follow Up Procedures30Have a clear picture of why the follow up procedures with a client are in the best interest of your shop for both the short-term and the long-term. Learn the rational reason why it’s vital to the client that you follow up with them shortly after a visit. By establishing the practice of keeping track of all recommended work that was declined, we’ll show you how you can capitalize on that information in the future and increase revenue.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2602 / Electrical Measurement Theory60Entry level technician electrical measurement theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1003 / The Fundamental ‘Whys’30We will address several crucial questions that end up being important building blocks to the foundation of your business. In life, our ‘whys’ help drive and motivate us in our journey, especially when the going gets tough. Why were you drawn to this industry in the first place? Why do your employees work for you? What sets you apart? Knowing our ‘whys’ leads to greater success. Don’t overlook the importance of this exercise. Pick up your pen and paper, dig in and do the work, reap the rewards.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1302 / Advisor Pay Plans30Greg and Jason have a great discussion on pay plans and how they motivate the behavior of the sales team. They talk about outside of the box ideas that will help you build the pay plan that works for your company.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-326 / Basics of Labscopes90You may have not needed to break out your labscope very much recently, but maybe you should - because there’s money to be made! Renowned labscope guru Bill Fulton shows you the proper way to use your labscope to save diagnostic time, which makes you more money! COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: Describe the 5 Keys to Obtaining a Good Labscope Waveform Explain Labscope Trigger Sources Identify Key Labscope Trigger Settings For Diagnostics Describe the Advantages of Both Automatic and Manual Labscobe Settings Explain the Proper Settings of the Labscope Trace ModesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-338 / Bosch Repair Shop Efficiency75How are you adapting to challenges in the shop and automotive technology changes? How do you make decisions about the next scan tool or garage equipment? How about your technicians, are they as efficient and productive as they could be? This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide useful information on how to improve your efficiency in the garage area. This program will be useful for shop owners, service advisors, shop managers and technicians of all skill levels. Topics Covered: Review challenges in the production area of the shop Learn how to perform a simple diagnostic tool review Review the process of performing return on investment for old and new equipment Learn how to analyze the current skills of technicians and how to develop a customized learning plan to improve their productivity **If you would like to receive copies of the Excel spreadsheets please send an email to BoschTraining@us.bosch.comOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0107 / Customer Buying Process Step Four30This is the Customer Buying Process step that we all want to get to - where the customer makes a decision! Can you help them say 'yes'? What makes it hard for them to say 'yes'? You can expect to learn how to make it easy for the customer to say 'yes', what to do when they don't say 'yes', and how to keep the decisions easy for the customer.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2104 / Accounting Part 4 - Cash VS. Accrual30What is the difference between a cash basis of accounting and an accrual basis of accounting? Are there other methods can you use to report your income? Mr. Glen Shafer, CPA and CEO of The Shafer Group, discusses various methods of accounting you can use to report income from your business.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-283 / LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach150LBT-283 The Diagnostic ApproachOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4L01 / Digital Storage Oscilloscope150This course covers the basic use of a digital storage oscilloscope in 5 modules with quizzes.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-46 / The Power of the Phone90ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - The most powerful tool in your shop is your phone. Sure, we all know to say Good Morning or Good Afternoon, identify the shop, and identify who is answering the phone. However, it goes much deeper than that. Shops measure the success of their marketing and advertising by the number of times the phone rings, but what happens after the phone rings? Proper listening skills are by far the most overlooked area of communication today. Taking notes on the customers concerns are good, but when Mrs. McCurty wants to tell you about her grandchildren hang in there and engage her. That may seem like a waste of time, but when you do get her vehicle in your shop she will be more accepting of your suggestions for repairs needed. This 1.5 hour HD broadcast taught by Bill Haas, will give you valuable information to improve your phone skills and help you improve the number of calls you convert to appointments. Topics Covered: Techniques for answering the phone Starting conversations Asking powerful questions Converting the price shopper to an appointmentOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0111 / Educating Your Customer The Methods30The method(s) you choose to use when educating your customers during the sales process is very important. Each customer responds differently when you are presenting. Each customer requires a different combination of tools, methods, and attention. This program explores effective methods, and best practices, related to delivering information to your customers. You will learn the importance of connecting with learning styles, different ways to present similar material, and what should go into creating your sales presentation.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0135 / Service Counter Process Avoiding Pitfalls30Things don't have to be as difficult as we make them sometimes! Most of the time selling service and parts is just about listening to the customer and providing exactly what they need to resolve some sort of pain. Too many times however we set ourselves up to fail. We walk right into pitfalls that could have been easily avoided. Come learn what some of these pitfalls are, and how to avoid them!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-227 / LBT-227 Why J2788 Standard45LBT-227 Why J2788?OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1801 / The Art of Delegation30Whether you use a flow chart, organizational chart, or another model that helps you determine what can be delegated, grasping the art of delegation is a skill set that can be improved upon. To effectively delegate you must understand, predict, and influence the behavior of others and yourself. After viewing this video you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the delegation process and know when and where to use it effectively as a leader.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
EET-5000-8VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Stop-Start Technologies480Many vehicles are now being engineered with Stop-Start technology. Implementing automated stop-start technology in today’s vehicles is a cost-effective way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions without affecting consumer acceptance. A Stop-Start system operates by cutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete standstill, and automatically re-starts the engine when the driver releases the brake pedal. This operating strategy is often utilized in full hybrid-electric vehicles that have powerful electric systems, but is becoming more popular in non-hybrid vehicles that use traditional starter/battery configurations. We will cover manufactures using stop-start technology, dual battery and robust starter motor technologies, common components found on each system, diagnostic evaluation and repair methods and review important best service practices to handle working on vehicle's equipped with Stop-Start systems.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA 0147 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Rear Suspension30Rear suspension components are as integral to the operation and handling of an automobile as the front suspensions are. Learn common rear suspension components, what a customer may notice when they go bad, and how they affect the normal operation of the automobile. OLT CourseService Sales Academy
AVI-ASEA1 / ASE-A1 Test Prep-Engine Repair240ASE A1 Test Prep-Engine RepairOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4611 / Starter Motors505Starter motorsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-52 / MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update65ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – The 2017 Mobile A/C Update brings you the latest tips, tricks and industry trends from MACS, the worldwide mobile air conditioning authority. If you work on mobile A/C, you need this information! Course Objectives: Will be able to understand sealant issues Understand same root heating problem, different symptoms (2 case studies) Recognize an F-Series coolant message Know how much oil should the system have Understand the best approach to A/C electrical & electronics diagnostics Recognize the difference between sensors & switches Understand smart A/C pressure sensors Guide to buying R/R/R machine Understand the latest update on refrigerant regulations, R-1234yf, CO2 and Section 609 CertificationOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-57 / What you Need to Know About Rich P-Code Conditions90European branded manufacturers were the first to introduce Common Rail Diesel (CRD) fuel systems on light-duty passenger car vehicles in the US. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are the most common brands with a variety of vehicle and engine configurations. The process of diagnosing any CRD system begins with a solid understanding of the components involved and how they operate. This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch, will provide an overview of EURO CRD systems and specific processes to quickly and accurately diagnose these systems. Topics covered: CRD fuel system overview Supply fuel side operation and testing High pressure fuel side operation and testing Fuel injector operation and testing Review common issues with EURO CRD systemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2807 / Emissions Control Theory680Entry level technician emissions control theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-246SP / LBT-246 SP MTS 5200 Osciloscopio150LBT-246 SP MTS 5200 Labscope in SpanishOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-136 / LBT-136 Ford 6.0L DIT Diesel Powerstroke90LBT-136 Ford 6.0L DIT Diesel PowerstrokeOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-307 / The Essentials of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)50In 1937, Bosch equipped an aircraft engine with a mechanical direct injection system and by 1952 Bosch was adding direct injection to passenger car engines. As a result of increased mobility worldwide, coupled with the desire for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is still regarded today as a key technology with huge potential. According to forecasts, a quarter of all vehicles will be equipped with GDI by 2020. If you are not already working on GDI vehicles, you will soon, which means you need to be prepared to diagnose and service these vehicles. This learning module will help you properly identify, understand and diagnose Bosch GDI engine management systems with an overview of GDI operating and fuel delivery systems. Topics Covered: History of GDI Introduction to GDI Supply pump delivery High pressure delivery Fuel injection delivery Diagnostic and service tipsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-74 / LBT-74 Mastering the Mastertech120LBT-74 Mastering the Mastertech (Vetronix MTS 3100)OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1402 / Marketing Fundamentals30Dan takes us on a journey through the four fundamental areas of marketing and how each apply to your shop.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0181 / TKSA: Drum Brakes20In this segment of Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors you will learn the basic operation and components of a drum brake system, what goes wrong, and what most likely needs to be done about it.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-2301 / Manual Transmission Theory725Entry level technician manual transmission theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-158 / LBT-158 Getting the Most out of Your Solarity Scope120LBT-158 Getting the Most out of Your Genisys/Solarity ScopeOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
CHS-4000-4FVC / Châssis, direction et suspension : Systèmes avancés de direction240Les objectifs de cette classe comprennent l'acquisition d'une compréhension des systèmes de direction assistée électrique (EPS) et de leurs composants, ce qui échoue généralement et comment tester le système et effectuer des procédures courantes pendant l'entretien. Les techniciens seront informés des progrès du système de direction sur les modèles de véhicules récents, y compris les modifications de conception technique qui ont été introduites pour surmonter certains problèmes inhérents aux systèmes antérieurs. Les techniciens comprendront mieux pourquoi les angles d'alignement changent également pour s'adapter à ces dernières avancées dans les systèmes de direction et de suspension. Une bonne compréhension de ce qui est nouveau dans le fonctionnement, les essais et l'entretien de la direction sera obtenue. Les objectifs comprennent: • Fournir un aperçu des systèmes et des composants de direction assistée électronique (EPS), y compris les pannes, les tests et les procédures communes • Expliquer le fonctionnement et les tests du moteur d'assistance EPS • Discuter des mises à jour et des modifications de conception du système de direction moderne • Prise en compte des changements d'alignement • Explorer les dernières procédures de fonctionnement et d'essai du système de direction ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-145 / LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check75LBT-145 10 Minute Scope CheckOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2303 / Driveshaft, Universal & CV Joint Theory170Entry level technician driveshaft, universal and constant velocity joint theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-4603 / Electrical Engineering Calculation510This 13 module course with quizzes covers the laws of electricity and electronics with the calculations necessary to properly analyze any circuit. This is course 3 of 9 in the series.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
AVI-ASEC1 / ASE-C1 Test Prep Service Consultant30ASE C1 Test Prep-Automobile Service ConsultantOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-278 / LBT-278 Service Management Made Simple100LBT-278 Service Management Made SimpleOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0132 / Selling Suspension Components30Suspension components are something every service advisor should be adept at talking to customers about and selling! The suspension is a crucial safety system in terms of handling and keeping the car on the road. They are also a good way to increase overall gross profit as well as revenue. Join us for a discussion of how best to sell these very important components.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TEAM-VIRTUAL / CTI+WTI Virtual Onboarding60CTI+WTI Virtual Training onboarding class that will walk the AAP Professional team member through the steps required to support their customers. Learn how to subscribe, enroll and attend a CTI Virtual Classroom or WTI Virtual Training event or program. This is a live session with multiple moderators allowing you to ask questions and ensure you can help your customers join our world class live virtual training programs. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-2012 / Golden Handcuffs30There are situations that call for a creative and long-term solution for keeping a key employee, especially when retaining that individual will enhance the value of the company, impact the ability to grow or they greatly influence the success of your company. Greg will share some ideas and tools on how to retain top talent within your organization.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ASE-A7 / A7 - Heating and Air Conditioning60Test Prep - Heatingand Air ConditioningOLT CourseASE Test Prep
TF-1907 / Working Interviews30After you’ve done your due diligence with a candidate that you’re keen on, utilize the working interview to put to rest any lingering questions or doubts. Dan will cover specific things you can have a candidate perform that will solidify in your mind that they are indeed the right candidate for the position. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ASE-P2 / P2 - Automobile Parts Specialist Test60Test Prep - Automobile Parts Specialist TestOLT CourseASE Test Prep
TF-1603 / System and Process Documentation30Improve the value of your company, build systems that are not dependent on specific people, improve the retention of employees, separate yourself from the business, and have a sense of peace about your business by having systems, processes and procedures documented. Visit areas of the business that must have proper documentation to solidify the foundational functions of your organization.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
EVAP-5001-8VC / Evaporative Emissions Systems: Asian Import Diagnosis480This course covers the operation and diagnosis of modern Asian import evaporative emission systems. Vehicle makes covered include: Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda. Through the years, leak detection strategies used by these manufacturers have transitioned from split, vacuum-based leak detection to engine-off, natural vacuum (EONV) leak detection. Each strategy uses unique hardware and diagnostic methods. Technicians will gain valuable knowledge about how these systems really work, as well as practical testing techniques which can be used immediately to improve diagnostic efficiency. This course emphasizes the effective use of scan tool data and bidirectional controls to diagnose EVAP problems.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-33 / MAF and the Modern Tech60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAF) have been with us for decades, helping engine management systems know the precise volume and density of air the engine is breathing to provide the right fuel injector spray and correct spark timing. Faulty MAF sensors often set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) but that’s not always the case, leading to excess frustration in the service bay. In this one-hour Live Cast training program, veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs will show: The design and operation of the most common MAF sensors Predictable failure with MAF sensors and the drivability symptoms that can result Diagnostic strategies for technicians at every level of technical ability Creating default modes by bypassing suspect MAF sensors Using advanced features within most scan tools to verify a faulty MAF Using a digital multi meter (DMM) in MAF diagnostics Using a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) to catch intermittent MAF glitches Dos and Don’ts regarding MAF cleaning and replacement Sorting out MAF problems from actual engine breathing problems using ANY scan tool and a simple volumetric efficiency (VE) calculatorOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-84 / LBT-84 Getting Technical with Your Tech 290LBT-84 Getting Technical with Your Tech 2OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0134 / Selling to the Price Shopper30Want to get a service advisor upset? Just mention Price Shoppers! We all price shop, but when it's a customer on the other end of the phone, or at the counter, we seem to forget that we've been there. Price shoppers offer a tremendous opportunity to grow your business - if handled properly! In this program you will learn why customers shop price, the really great thing about price shoppers, and how to turn a price shopper into a high gross customer.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-1102 / Hand Tools Theory780Entry level technician hand tools theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2008 / Roles and Responsibilities30Take the ambiguity of responsibilities due to cross functional roles out of your business once and for all. You’ll learn the importance of having an organizational chart, roles, and clearly defined responsibilities, as well as determine the best person to perform and execute on those responsibilities. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VC-002 / Virtual Classroom: Advanced PICO Math Channel and Reference Waveform Techniques60Join us for a no-cost LIVE Interactive Training Session on Advanced PICO Math Channel and Reference Waveform Techniques hosted by CTI Instructor Adam Robertson. Each session will cover the same information. Choose the time that works best for you. Even if you are a long time PICO user chances are you may not regularly use Math Channels and Reference Waveforms. Learn how to create and save Math Channels in a way that will turn your PICO into almost any electrical test tool, even a misfire detector. As Adam says, “If it involves math, your imagination is the only limiting factor”.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA 0123 / Sales Process Step Three30Sometimes called "overcoming objections" this step of the sales process tells you where the customer is in the Customer Buying Process, how well you did in Step Two: Present and Explain the Options, and whether you can move to Step Four yet. Asking for feedback leads you to back up a step and educate more, or move forward and ask for the sale. When done well, you will quickly know what needs to be done next! This program provides word tracks to be used when asking for feedback, an understanding of why this step is important, and examples of how to use this step of your Sales Process.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-301 / Mysteries Of Gasoline Direct Injection90LBT-301 Mysteries of Gasoline Direct InjectionOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4605 / Electrical Engineering Special Resistors70This three module course covers light dependent, magnetic resistive and thermistors. This is course 5 of 9 in the series. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-4803 / Engine Management Actuators380This 20 module course covers the theory and operation of engine management actuators.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2611 / Electrical Components Theory750Entry level technician electrical components theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0128 / Selling Front Brakes30Brake inspections are a great way to bring customers to you! Once you have the vehicle in your shop and inspected, next you need to be confident in your ability to sell front brakes. Join us for a discussion on how you can match your brake selling process with the Customer Buying Process when selling front brakes! You will learn to create Need Recognition with customers, use foolproof tools to sell the brake job, and create consistency in your brake selling success. OLT CourseService Sales Academy
EET-3502-4VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Diagnostic Application of Wiring Schematics240This course guides technicians through the effective use of wiring schematics as a diagnostic tool. Learn to combine schematics, circuit operation information, and power flow techniques along with applied circuit principles to diagnose problems quickly and accurately. Find electrical faults fast by recognizing the characteristics of shorts, opens, and high resistance circuit problems. Learn the most effective tools and techniques to use for a given fault. During this interactive course, students will use selected schematics to diagnose assigned circuit problems and conditions. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
ASE-A3 / A3 - Manual Drive Train and Axles60The ASE A3 Certification Test covers what you need to know about Manual Drivetrains and Axles. This class has unique cut-outs of transmission parts for hands-on training and explores the basic fundamentals of the transmission. Bill Haas covers: Clutches, drive shafts, differentials, transfer cases, front and rear axles Clutch function, service, diagnosis, adjustment, removal and replacement Transmission slippage and identifying oil leaks, bearing repair, and more The ASE program includes a booklet with comprehensive glos­sary, including all manual drivetrain & axle-related terms used in the study guide with dozens of useful illustrations. You will find the ASE A3 Manual Drivetrain & Axles self-study guide to be a handy reference manual that you can use on the job after you've taken the ASE test Runtime: 3 Hours Note: The A3 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseASE Test Prep
VSSA0165 / The ROI of Training20Every shop knows they should attend training. Very few shops train really well however. In this program we'll not only discuss the ROI of training, but how to make training most effective for your shop. Expect to learn how to better engage employees in training, how to get the most from training, and exactly how much the shop needs to grow to pay for training.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-4610 / Lead-Acid Batteries250Lead-Acid BatteriesOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-196 / LBT-196 Genisys EVO105LBT-196 Genisys EVOOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ATV-6001-8VC / ATV: Advanced Driver Assist Systems480You have seen them publicized on television. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) that are developed to automate/adapt/enhance vehicle systems for safety and improved vehicle control. Some features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential problems. Others to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle. Adaptive features may automate lighting, provide adaptive cruise control, automate braking, incorporate GPS/ traffic warnings, connect to smartphones, alert driver to other cars or dangers, keep the driver in the correct lane or show what is in blind spots. These systems are entering the aftermarket repair world. Be up to date on operation and diagnostic techniques that will enable you to keep these jobs profitably in your shop.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-281 / LBT-281 Servicing Hybrids180LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid VehiclesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ILT-1403-8VC / Developing a Diagnostic Game Plan480This course will provide the building blocks necessary to develop your own diagnostic game plan which can be used to solve a variety of diagnostic problems. One of the many challenges technicians face today is ''where to start?'' Diagnostics however, is not just about where to start but how to interpret the data acquired during diagnosis. This class uses case studies of actual vehicles to provide you with the testing procedures required to diagnose complex issues and the information necessary to properly interpret the data acquired during your diagnosis.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
FORD-2510-8 / Ford EcoBoost Platforms Operation and Diagnosis480Since 2010 Ford has been putting the majority of their engineering efforts into the EcoBoost family of engines. Designed to satisfy a worldwide market, these engines have added over 128 patents to Fords development portfolio. Offering displacements from 1.0 liter to 3.5 liter, Ford expects this engine family to be an option for up to 90% of their vehicles. This class will present the operation and diagnostic techniques the aftermarket will need to service this massive segment of the repair market. Each major system of the EcoBoost will be covered using not only OE tooling but capable aftermarket scan tools and techniques. Topics will include: • Engine mechanical highlights • Fuel system operation and diagnosis • Ignition system operation and diagnosis • Air Induction and turbocharging • Emission components and monitoring strategies • Network configuration and reprogramming • Current service issues ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-83 / LBT-83 Fuelish Tips90LBT-83 Fuelish TipsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1805 / Quality Control Program30A quality control program is a set of procedures intended to ensure that a performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client. Discover the reason why having a quality control program is imperative to the success of your business. We’ll go through the steps needed to establish a quality control program for your shop and how to monitor and correct issues as they arise. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-257 / Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems240Charging and starting systems are changing as fast as current model years roll out. What we used to do to test them doesn’t always apply to the new way of testing today’s vehicles. Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger. This program will show you how to diagnose these issues and keep your skills up to date.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2100 / Engine Repair Pre & Post Test150Entry level technician engine repair pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-237 / LBT-237 F.R.E.D. Kicks The CAN240LBT-237 F.R.E.D. Kicks the CANOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4609 / Electrical Engineering Signals125This six module course covers the application of diagnostic tools to possible faults in components that might be found in automotive electrical systems. This is course 9 of 9 in the series. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-277 / LBT-277 Making More Money Servicing TPMS60LBT-277 Making Money Servicing TPMSOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-229SP / LBT-229 SP Diagnosticos Intermitentes180LBT-229 SP Intermittent Diagnostics - SpanishOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ATV-6002-4VC / ATV: ADAS Best Practices240Advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) faults come in a variety of forms. Component failure, networking problems and calibration failures are at the top of the list. This class will explore ADAS best practices and the analytic process used to solve these problems efficiently. Learn how these systems can be effectively serviced and repaired using an understanding of the technology, strong foundational skillsets and current service information. Topics include: • Current tooling to set calibration targets correctly • Utilization of current service information • Common environmental causes of calibration failures • The analytic process • Examples of common failures and correctionsILT CourseVirtual Classroom
AVI-ASEA6 / ASE-A6 Electrical180ASE A6 Test Prep-Electrical/Electronic SystemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0115 / Getting the Appointment30Getting the appointment is an absolutely critical skill set for Service Advisors. Your marketing gets people to call, but for any business to be conducted you must get the customer to come visit you in person! This program discusses ideas, principles, and word tracks to get your customers to come visit!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0106 / Customer Buying Process Step Three30Step Three of the all important Customer Buying Process is where the service advisor excels. This is where all resources, sales process, and learning come together to get the customer to the next step - purchasing. Do this right, and you'll get the sale! Expect to learn best practices related to Creating Need, presenting information, and determining what options the customer has.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
ILT-1315VC / Essential EVAP Diagnostics - Part 1240Evaporative Emission Systems can be difficult to properly diagnose. In Part 1 of the 2 part series on EVAP, we will cover the essential theory of fuel vapor storage systems and their design characteristics. With an emphasis on the more complicated systems such as those from Honda and Toyota, CTI will give you the information you need to understand the on-board diagnostic logic. CTI will provide must have diagnostic insight to allow any technician to use the tools available to quickly and accurately diagnosis the most stubborn DTCs from the largest leaks to the smallest intermittent leaks. Learn tips and techniques for using smoke machines and other pressurizing equipment.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
EQUIP-0908-4VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Stop-Start Technologies480Many vehicles are now being engineered with Stop-Start technology. Implementing automated stop-start technology in today’s vehicles is a cost-effective way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions without affecting consumer acceptance. A Stop-Start system operates by cutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete standstill, and automatically re-starts the engine when the driver releases the brake pedal. This operating strategy is often utilized in full hybrid-electric vehicles that have powerful electric systems but is becoming more popular in non-hybrid vehicles that use traditional starter/battery configurations. We will cover manufactures using stop-start technology, dual battery and robust starter motor technologies, common components found on each system, diagnostic evaluation and repair methods and review important best service practices to handle working on vehicle's equipped with Stop-Start systems.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1201 / Introduction to Sales30In this video, we introduce you to Jason Servidio, one of the most talented and sought-after service advisor trainers in the industry. Jason and Greg discuss the mindset needed to have a successful and duplicatable sales process in your shop. They discuss relational selling vs. transactional selling. Jason and Greg set the stage for this incredible series that can change your business in a very dramatic way.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1303 / Developing Managers30As you grow and expand your company, developing a great manager is a huge part of a business. Jason and Greg discuss managers who sell and manage and managers who mainly manage. Greg shares great advise beginning the development of a scalable system.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
HVAC-VC1 / HVAC Data Analysis60The CTI+WTI Virtual Classroom [VC] presents HVAC Data Analysis. As HVAC systems have added features and new technologies, the cost of service and repair has grown. Our clients appreciate the accuracy and value provided by a well trained and equipped service facility. Especially in the era of R1234yf, the use of a refrigerant recovery and recharge as a “diagnostic step” may not offer the best value. Today’s systems offer more data, utilities and tests through the scan tool. This webinar will introduce some of these tests and data along with the diagnostic direction that can be gained from their use. • Develop solid diagnostic strategy • Identify and utilize specific scan tool PIDs • Verify post-repair operation If you wish to Enroll in this class, login to the CTI+WTI LMS by selecting Sign In located at the top right corner of this page. From your Home page select Courses/My Calendar. Select this course from the Courses list. Select the date you wish to attend. There will be an Enroll button at the bottom of the Class Details page. Enrolling places the class on your Home Page under My Classes. IMPORTANT: you must register by selecting the ZOOM link on the appropriate event page. There is no cost to this event. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-2604 / Electrical Troubleshooting Theory90Entry level technician electrical troubleshooting theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2010 / Test your Current Staff to Understand Better Who They Are30One of the things we can do for a healthy, thriving organization is better understand the make-up of our people. Review a handful of powerful assessment tools that can help you understand your people better. With an understanding of what makes someone tick and what motivates them, you can optimize their performance and that of your organization.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1804 / Shop Safety30The safety of your employees, vendors, clients should be paramount. With a focus and on safety, you’ll see how many areas are impacted and how to set up a company safety program that will prioritize safety without compromising. Know exactly what needs to be in a safety manual to protect yourself and your employees. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
EET-3503-4VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Practical Application of Domestic OE Schematics240When a simplified wiring schematic doesn’t provide the necessary diagnostic information, access to the added features of OE wiring diagrams can help save valuable diagnostic time. Learn how to access wiring information directly from the vehicle manufacturer as well as through aftermarket information systems. Added features include web-based hyperlinks to connector views and component locations, photographs to help identify components, and automatic links to associated diagrams. This class will show the use these added features to effectively diagnose circuit problems. Explore the unique formats of each OE’s schematics system. See advanced testing techniques applied to specific vehicle problems and participate during in-class diagnostic challenges.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-213 / LBT-213 Fuel System Testing Strategies150LBT-213 Fuel System Testing StrategiesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2103 / Lubrication & Cooling Theory780Entry level technician lubrication and cooling theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
EPT-002 / Essentials of Performance Tuning: Mysteries of Fuel Injection120In this course Ron Bilyeu discusses all aspects of high performance electronic fuel injection. He will cover everything from air flow into the engine by way of an aftermarket intake or throttle body, to fuel delivery through big injectors or an aftermarket fuel pump. This class will equip you with the ability to tune your high performance hot rod to get most out of any aftermarket application to get the best bang for your buck! Making more horse power is the main goal of this course and you’ll gain a solid foundation for doing so by learning about the following: Measurements of air and mass air flow, Pegging the mass air flow sensor, Picking the camshaft, Adjustable fuel pressure regulation, Capacitive ignition for distributors, Performance exhaust systems and much moreOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ILT-1316VC / Essential EVAP Diagnostics - Part 2240In Part 2 of the EVAP series, we will take an in depth look at the various Key-Off EVAP systems. With the ever tightening emission standards the EPA is cracking down on may pollutants including hydrocarbons. EVAP systems are designed to limit the amount of hydrocarbon emissions and the on-board diagnostic software is tasked with evaluating the ability of the EVAP system to contain hydrocarbons. Trying to diagnose system integrity down to .010" is posing significant challenges for the engineers. Key-Off EVAP systems are designed to allow diagnostics to the 010" level by eliminating fuel slosh which is a by-product of engine running testing as covered in this series. In this Course, CTI will show how to diagnose these Key-Off systems which can be as simple as a software change to a full hardware package including vacuum and electric pressurizing pumps.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1602 / Process Execution30Process execution is understanding and executing on each function within the business. We breakdown the 7 areas of the business that need to have trainable, repeatable, and executable processes in place to make sure your business runs productively and profitably. Examine how one specific daily activity impacts several areas of the business and position yourself for further examination and understanding of your own processes.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-4608 / Electrical Engineering Oscilloscope155This course covers the key skills required to use a digital storage oscilloscope in diagnosing electrical and electronic circuits. This course is number 8 of 9 in the series. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-4602 / Electrical Engineering Measurement85This course covers the basic tools used in electrical diagnosis in five modules with quizzes. This is the second course in the series. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2304 / Differential Theory75Entry level technician differential theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-300 / LBT-300 Cummins Generations165Cummins Generations OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-323 / Electrical Troubleshooting180This HD Broadcast event from Bill Fulton “Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics”, is a comprehensive schematic based look at the path technicians should take when faced with electrical issues. Topics covered include: Electrical schematic based diagnostics Color coding voltage, grounds, components, and bias circuits for ease of diagnostics Examples of current for testing Voltage drop testing from both the feed and ground sides of the circuits Fundamental use of all DVOM features Various case studies from real world automotive electrical problems Determining bias state of Relays and Igniters Using valuable min/max peak detect mode of DVOM Diode testing Using the Ohmmeter Intermittent electrical problem detection strategiesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VC-003 / Virtual Classroom: Solid Electrical Foundations for Reliable Diagnostics60Join us for a no-cost LIVE Interactive Training Session “Solid Electrical Foundations for Reliable Diagnostics” hosted By Jim Cokonis and Rich Falco. Each session will cover the same information. Choose the time that works best for you. It's been proven that effective diagnostic techniques only come from a solid grasp of the application of physics for the system you are testing. In this webinar Jim and Rich will demonstrate how voltage and current behaves in working circuits and those that aren't working so well. Learn why your testing is giving the results you get.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LAWS! This session will utilize both illustrations and software simulators that bring a reality to you that a regular lecture cannot. Attendees will be given an opportunity to be involved with their own video and audio for discussion and questions.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0195 / Managing Shop Workflow20Your shop's workflow is connected to everything from Customer Satisfaction to the Money You Make. Ensuring smooth daily workflow is critical to maximizing your potential. This program lays out the basics that you must pay attention to when considering how work is moved into the shop, processed, and moved back out of the shop.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA0155 / Employee On Boarding20Tired of turnover? Tired of hiring the "wrong" person? Set your new hire employee up for success! Research shows that a successful first 30 days of employment greatly increases the likelihood that an employee will stay with you, and become successful at the job you hired them for. Come learn what an onboarding plan looks like, what to do with a new employee in the first 30 days, and how to set yourself and your employee up for success.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-10 / Electronic Communication and Diagnostics for the Diesel Technician60RCHIVED LIVESTREAM - December 10, 2014 Heavy duty diagnostic capabilities have changed tremendously with increased data speed and the sheer quantity of information available to the technician. On-board diagnostic standards, similar to passenger cars, are being added to class 7 and class 8 trucks to provide greater access to diagnostic information for diesel technicians. This LiveStream will cover the history of heavy-duty communication protocols and changes to diagnostics connections. Topics Covered: Computer protocols SAE J1587/J1708 SAE J1939 Scan data and codes PIN connections and network access New heavy duty on-board diagnostics standards RP1210 reprogramming standardsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4601 / Electrical Engineering Introduction125This course introduces electrical fundamentals along with DC and AC voltage in 2 modules with quizzes. It is the first of 9 courses in this seriesOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2201 / Automatic Transmission & Transaxle Theory735Entry level technician automatic transmission & transaxle theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0113 / Educating Your Customer When They Aren't Present30It used to be that it was very difficult to educate the customer as part of the sales process if they weren't present at the shop. Today, things are very different! You have many options to educate the customer about what they need, why, and what needs to be done, however, too many repair shops are still not fully utilizing these tremendous tools. In this program you will learn what tools are best at educating customers remotely, how to use these tools efficiently, and what you can do to get better at using them.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1306 / Overcoming Price Objections30No matter what price point you are in the market, we all must overcome price objections. Learn how Greg Bunch uses these techniques to maximize the sale while holding margin while building trust with the customer.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ASE-A4 / A4 - Suspension and Steering60Test Prep - Suspension and SteeringOLT CourseASE Test Prep
TF-1601 / Contingency Plan30We don’t think of contingency plans often, but they are exactly the kind of occurrences that cripple or devastate your business and can even potentially put you out of business. Look at what risks you’re exposed to and what steps can be taken to mitigate exposure in the future. Know what kind of insurance you absolutely cannot live without and be prepared for what might come your way.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
AD-5601-4 / Diagnosing Difficult Deposit Related Driveability Concerns240• How fuel and oil deposits play a MAJOR role in getting the diagnosis RIGHT THE FIRST TIME on turbo GDI vehicles with close tolerance engines. • Fuel Chemistry and additives for deposit prevention and correction • Scan Data Analysis - Indicating Likely Deposit Issues • Borescope, Waveform Analysis - Deposit diagnostics and confirmation techniques • Correcting deposit issues - Tools, Chemistry, and techniques ILT CourseWPAC
ILT-1417-8VC / Developing a Diagnostic Game Plan - II480The execution of any vehicle function requires, Inputs, Processing, Communication and Outputs often spread across multiple ECUs. Any step in this distributed process can break down. Do you have a “Game Plan” for dealing with today’s complex vehicle distributed vehicle systems? Diagnostics today is 75% research & game plan building and 25% actual testing. Using case studies of documented broken vehicles this course will outline new processes and strategies that are “real world” proven to be successful. By practicing problem solving in the classroom, the technician is better able to recognize patterns when faced with a similar problem in his bay that will lead to faster and more accurate diagnosis and repair.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-53 / Fundamentals of TPMS60ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - TPMS systems have been mandatory on most vehicles for almost a decade, so it's critical you know how they work and some of their repair issues. Instructor Mark DeKoster helps you make faster, more accurate repairs with great information contained in this course. Course Objectives: Understanding TPMS regulations and requirements How to perform the 5 step analysis procedure Understanding the importance of service publications Know the differences between passive and active TPMS systems Know the tools needed for TPMS diagnostics and relearn procedures Hands-on demonstrations of relearn proceduresOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ASE-A5 / A5 - Brakes60Test Prep - BrakesOLT CourseASE Test Prep
OLT-4101 / Engine Advanced1390This course contains 46 modules with quizzes focused on the theory and operation of modern engines. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
ASE-G1 / G1 - Auto Maintenance and Light Repair60Test Prep - Auto Maintenance and Light RepairOLT CourseASE Test Prep
TF-1203 / Training Sales Effectively30The conversation continues about changing the mindset of professional development. Training needs to be motivating and fun. Your internal sales program needs to build confidence in your sales staff and be consistent across the board for all service advisor and managers. Jason and Greg will discuss the value of both internal and external training.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-51 / Bosch Denoxtronic (DeNOx) System Overview65ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - Exhaust gas after-treatment systems are an integral part of today’s common rail diesel vehicles and understanding how to diagnose and service these emissions control systems is critical for optimal vehicle operation and longevity of these expensive components. In order to reduce Nitrogen-oxide (NOx) output, many vehicle manufacturers have elected to utilize a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system. This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide the information needed to understand and diagnose passenger car and heavy duty diesel Denoxtronic systems. Topics Covered: Overview of after-treatment system components Review of SCR DeNOx theory of operation Denoxtronic 3.1 passenger car system overview Denoxtronic 2.2 heavy commercial and off highway system overview Review diagnostic and service procedures What tools are needed to service SCR systemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4613 / Glow Plugs90Glow plug heating systemOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0125 / Sales Process Step Five30Just because you got the sale doesn't mean the work is done! A great sales process brings the customer right back to the next sale by Managing the Customer Relationship. Some like to call this 'follow up' but it is much more than just following up with the customer. It's making sure you get the next sale, another referral, and a great relationship. Learn best practices related to staying in touch with customers, how to make sure the customer comes back again and again, and create fans for life.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-141 / LBT-141 GM Electronic Throttle Control90LBT-141 GM Electronic Throttle ControlOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1902 / Job Descriptions30If you don’t already have job descriptions, we’ll cover all the practical and legal reasons why having them in place is so important. If you already have job descriptions, we’ll give you additional insight that might help improve your them with greater clarity.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2400 / Steering & Suspension Pre & Post Test150Entry level technician steering and suspension pre and post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1604 / Employee Theft30Unfortunately, the topic of employee theft needs to be addressed and understood. We’ll look at several ways that your business can suffer from unknown gaps in the areas of sales, administration, and operations. Build processes and procedures that will significantly lessen your exposure to employee theft issues.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1405 / Pay Per Click30Learn from experts how to make your investment pay off with pay per click strategies while being able to measure and evaluate performance.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1202 / Developing a Sales System30Jason and Greg continue the discussion on creating a sales system and what it should be built around. There is a stigma around the term “sales” and “salesperson” in the automotive industry. They dispel this stigma and talk about how great customer service is selling folks everything their vehicle needs. Start with having purposeful and measurable sales standards and goals that are clearly communicated and accounted for daily. Establish and use a scoreboard that measures, tracks success, and that is visible. Additionally, measure true customer service, client education, specifically what is being sold, and finally champion sales throughout the company.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2102 / Cylinder Head & Valve Train Theory300Entry level technician cylinder head & valve train theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-166 / LBT-166 Using the Ford IDS105LBT-166 Using Your Ford IDSOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-42 / Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics: Nissan Titan Diesel Overview90The trend towards diesel powered vehicles continues with the introduction of the Nissan Titan pickup equipped with a Cummins 5.0L turbocharged engine and Bosch Common Rail Diesel (CRD) fuel system. This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch and presented by Bob Pattengale, will provide a comprehensive overview of the Titan CRD fuel system and a good foundation for diagnosing driveability concerns. This is Cummins first Piezo injector equipped vehicle. Many of the principles learned during this session will be useful for diagnosing other vehicles equipped with CRD systems. Expect to see the use of this engine broaden to school busses, motor homes, ambulances & boats. Topics Covered: Understanding CRD fuel systems Low pressure system components and testing High pressure system components and testing Piezo injector overview Review of tools needed for diagnosisOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-7 / Service Selling Skills: Sell One More Job90In this course, Bill Haas emphases’ on the importance of good customer service skills and shop relationships in order to make the customer feel at-ease about purchasing necessary maintenance.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-55 / Batter Up with Battery Technology60ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - This diagnostic program will help you to be at the top of your diagnostic game when it comes to battery and charging system testing. We’ll cover battery technology, proper battery charging and testing, BMS (Battery Management Systems) and those alternator ‘equivalents’ on Hybrid vehicles - DC-DC converters. Topics Covered: Battery Disconnects – When to be concerned and what to do AGM vs. Conventional – It makes a BIG difference with battery chargers Hitting the Hybrid Curve Ball – Coping with DC-DC converters Battery Parasitic Draws – Easy way to determine WHEN to test / simple HOW to test Smart Charging Systems – Components that can fail & scan tool PIDs to watch Battery Management Systems – The importance of new battery registration!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-236 / LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X and Y90LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X and YOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
GDI-4202-4VC / Gasoline Direct Injection: Practical Diagnostic Techniques240This course focuses on practical testing techniques applied to gasoline direct injected (GDI) engines supported by a working understanding of system and component operation. This class introduces essential testing techniques which can be applied to a variety GDI equipped vehicles regardless of make or model. This class focuses on the proper use of common diagnostic tools, scan data analysis and proper test drive techniques to help accurately diagnose some of the more common issues found on GDI engines.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
AVI-ASEA2 / ASE-A2 Transmission Diagnosis75The purpose of the A2 ASE pre-test training is to focus on the part of the A2 that has the highest failure rate: Diagnostics. Instructor Wayne Colonna will cover fundamentals of the torque converter and planetary gear train operation, as well as understanding component application charts, and ending with knowing the difference between a solenoid performance failure and a solenoid electrical failure. A comprehensive understanding of these subjects will enable the technician to determine the proper diagnostic routine regardless of the type of transmission being diagnosed. ASE exams are generic so they can apply to any vehicle. A variety of transmissions are covered in video, focusing on principals of operation and diagnostics that would apply to any style computer controlled automatic transmission. Topics covered include: Torque Converters Planetary Systems One-way clutch device Engine Braking Friction/Band Elements Various Shift Strategies Performance Codes Solenoid Electrical Codes The book also contains: Illustrations, diagrams, charts, DTC descriptions, transmission gear ratio charts, detailed solenoid diagrams, valve body diagrams, accumulator diagrams, pressure tap locations and “integral cooler” information, line pressure specs, case passage identification with “integral cooler” and “remote cooler,” and much more! Runtime: 75 minutes On the current task list, the following sections have quiz questions for you to test your knowledge on the subject matter. To fully understand this concept and obtain training coverage, please refer to the Study Guide. General Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis In-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Maintenance and Repair Off-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Repair Note: The A2 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-41 / LBT-41 Current Ramping 1-2-3105LBT-41 Current Ramping 1-2-3OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2405 / Wheel Alignment Theory420Entry level technician wheel alignment theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0133 / Selling Tires30Don't just sell your customers any old tires...sell them what they need and will be happy with! Learn what questions to ask, how to present your suggestions, and how to ensure those tires have a long and useful life. Expect to learn to ask the right questions, how to be the authority on tires, and how to get better at selling tires.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-4903 / Exhaust Gas After-Treatment545This course covers the theory and operation of modern exhaust gas after-treatment systems in 26 modules.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2701 / Heating & Air Conditioning Introduction Theory420Entry level technician heating & air conditioning introduction theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1608 / Scoreboard30How do you know if you are winning each day if there is no scoreboard? You’ll find the reasons why it’s important for employees to know how they are doing and how it helps the owner and managers to ultimately put themselves in a better position to win by keeping score. After viewing the video you’ll understand what you should keep score of and why.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1207 / Sales Techniques PART 230How can service advisors really be giving “advise” if they don’t know their client? Learn the magic of consultative style selling and how it can dramatically increase immediate and future sales. Successful service advisors always remember that they are in the people business, not just the car business. They realize they're in the business of solving problems where they can make an unpleasant problem easier.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1206 / Sales Techniques PART 1 30People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Have your notebook ready as Jason drops multiple nuggets of wisdom of how the top 1% shops build successful businesses. Learn to accelerate the building of “key droppers” and create a loyal and dedicated customer base.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1911 / Health Insurance and Benefits Package30In this video we will examine the different types of insurance and benefit packages that you can offer to your employees. Discover different ways that you can address the needs of your employees by using a variety of packages while remaining attractive and competitive in the marketplace. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-3 / Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics85ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Bob Pattengale, National Training Manager for Robert Bosch LLC will present a training class on Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics, focusing on common rail injection systems and the differences between the 2.7 and the 3.0 engines.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1701 / SMART Goals30Being able to establish and achieve goals as an individual and as a team is essential to making progress and accomplishing our objectives. Learn the best way to build goals and measure goals that will lead to success. Understand how powerful well-written goals, with a defined purpose, will be to your organization in gaining momentum for the future. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ENG-4010-4VC / Virtual Classroom: Variable Camshaft Timing240With a conventional camshaft, all the variables that determine valve timing, lift, duration and overlap are cast in stone the moment the lobes are ground. Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) or otherwise known as Variable Valve Timing (VVT) was then developed in order to achieve better overall versatility in a wider RPM range and various operating conditions by phasing the camshaft. Camshaft phasing systems allow the valve timing to be adapted to the respective operating conditions of the engine. With completion of this class technicians can expect to gain a deeper understanding of: •Camshaft foundations and the benefits of Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) •Design and function of many modern VCT systems •Operation of various phaser styles •Special tooling requirements Variable Displacement oil pump technology •Testing of sensors, actuators and mechanical components of the VCT system •Scan tool data analysis and waveform diagnosticsILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1605 / Team Cadence Meetings30There are several different types of meetings and a weekly meeting allows your team to accomplish things that are otherwise continually getting kicked down the road. By adhering to consistent, weekly meetings with focused energy on agreed-upon goals, your team will increase its momentum and likelihood of success. Learn how to positively impact your business with a regimented weekly meeting.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-233 / LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops150LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage DropOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1007 / Emotional Intelligence (EQ)30As automotive repair shop owners, we’re ultimately in the people business. In the workplace and in life, it is often overlooked how much our emotional intelligence can impact our work performance and the way we relate to others. We’ll cover many of the aspects that are involved in a person’s EQ and even include a site to visit to take your own EQ test.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0169 / Improving Technician Productivity20Technician prodcutivity is a significant key to increasing Gross Profit. Improving productivity is more than just getting the technicians to do more. The shop must pay attention to multiple factors if they want to increase technician production. Expect to learn the best practice associated with increased production, how to encourage technicians to arrive early and get more done, and what can be done at the service counter to increase production.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
STA-2505-8VC / Scan Tool Academy Practical Application & Analysis480The Scan Tool Academy series will provide a branching path taking a technician from basic scan tool use, building on a solid foundation, until they achieve power user status. There is ample evidence that basic button pushing classes have not produced the comprehension and comfort that allows a technician to break out of basic functionality. Many shops have invested heavily in scan tools only to have them used primarily as code readers and not much else. This series as a whole does not focus on any one scan tool platform, as our clients own and use many variations of scan tools. We will present scan tool concepts using many of the common scan tool platforms including both multi-line (aftermarket) and manufacturer-specific tools. In Module 1, Practical Application and Analysis, we will: • Introduce a focused, efficient diagnostic routine. • Apply the diagnostic routine to scan tool testing. • Describe how scan tool technology has developed and where it is going. • Explore computer inputs and outputs then compare and contrast what is displayed on a scan tool. • Provide examples of functionality from 10+ scan tool platforms • Using service information to understand the data used to monitor specific vehicle systems, as well as information that may be available through the scan tool. • Cover changes in how Global services work, what has been added and how to use the information to find solutions more efficiently.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
EET-5010-4VC / EET: Domestic Charging Systems and Power Management240Are you replacing the alternator unnecessarily? When faced with an illuminated BAT, GEN or ALT light that’s on what do we do on a late model vehicle equipped with a computer controlled charging system? The connected development of next-generation electrical and electronic architectures (EEA’s) has led to a whole new level of balance between modern batteries and the charging systems that support the vehicles electrical needs. The modern charging system is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the generator, manage loads, improve battery state of health and life, send diagnostic messages to alert the driver, and minimize the systems impact on fuel economy. This course will cover: •Electrical power management designs •Regulated voltage control for ignition off and on demand •Battery state of charge, health and function •Alternator pulley diagnosis overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) and decoupler (OAD) •Charge indicator message interpretation •Modes of charging system operationILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-31 / Keep the Spark Alive - Ignition Coil Diagnostics75ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Problems ranging from misfires to no-starts can be related to ignition coil problems. Getting a C.O.P. (Coil-On-Plug) diagnosis right the first time can be difficult if you don’t have every trick and tip at your disposal. In this 1-hour Delphi live cast training program, veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs will bring you valuable information on a variety of topics. Topics Covered: Using your wiring schematic to determine the kind of C.O.P. under scrutiny – internal coil driver, external coil driver and feedback circuit C.O.P.s (Toyota & Kia) Secondary and primary resistance tests, identifying carbon tracking Easy ways to use common and popular tools & equipment to diagnose C.O.P.s o DMM (Digital Multi Meter) Inductive amp clamps DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) whether stand alone or built in your scanner C.O.P. inductive pick-ups that are inexpensive and easy to use Leveraging DTCs, Global OBD II and Mode $06 data to enhance your diagnostics. Tips and tricks on replacement procedures and estimating coil longevity.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-218 / LBT-218 Using Your Tech2135LBT-218 Using Your Tech IIOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-339 / Bosch Sprinter Diesel Diagnostic Update60temporaryOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1506 / Direct Mail30Rick will guide you through the fundamentals of direct mail as a viable promotional tool. Learn how direct mail can still produce great results while understanding specific ways you can positively impact your direct mail campaigns for optimal results.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-4604 / Electrical Engineering Components625This 6 module with quizzes course covers the foundation components of electrical and electronic systems. This is course 4 of 9 in the series.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-5 / In-Vehicle Battery, Starter, Alternator Diagnostics60Along with some basic electrical system diagnostics, many of the changes the automotive industry is seeing from multiple manufacturers will also be covered. The issue is power management and it all starts at the battery, this includes the “operating logic” manufacturers are adopting. Specific information will include changing alternator designs, off-board voltage regulation, custom charging algorithms and enhanced diagnostics for both modern batteries and charging systems. We also touch a bit on some new battery chemistry as well that may make their way into the automotive service world sooner than you think.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0191 / Essential Skills for Shop Owners20There are certain skills that automotive repair shop owners absolutely have to develop. Come find out what those are!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0110 / Dealing with the Upset Customer30You don't always have to deal with an upset customer, but when you do it can be uncomfortable, easy to say the wrong thing, and something you just want to avoid. The good news is that there are easy steps to quickly, easily, and effectively make sure the situation is resolved, the customer feels taken care of, and ensure you keep a customer for life. Listen, Empathy, Action....the easy three step process you will learn.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA0160 / The One Thing You Need to Know About Managing20Of course there's more than just one thing you need to know to successfully manager! There is however, an underlying principle to managing that you must know. Come learn what it takes to get really good at managing.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-20 / Lubrication & Filtration Technologies: The Difficult Truth60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Conventional, Synthetic Blends, Full Synthetic, High Mileage... No matter where you buy it, it pays to understand the most basic ingredient of the most important service we provide. Oil and Filter service is sometimes delayed or even ignored by consumers is now being threatened. OEM’s continuously modify oil formulas with almost every new model year and engineers are constantly improving ways to control deposits, limit oxidation and corrosion, and increase normal oil-change intervals and fuel economy. Today’s vehicles are using full synthetic proprietary formulas that are designed specifically for that OEM. The engine oils we have come to know and the brands we have all used and trusted have changed dramatically over the years. One oil you have trusted for decades may not be able to effectively provide the proper protection today’s engines require, which could lead to a denial of warranty. I know a technician is misinformed when he says “I don’t use 0W-20 because it’s too thin, I use 5W-30 in all my customers cars!” Seek the truth and get the FACTS about engine oils in this seminar. A multi-grade oil 0W-30, 10W-30 or a straight grade 30 have the same thickness at 212°F. The difference is at 40°F, in the morning when you go to start the engine.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VEND-5001-4 / Diagnosing Multiplexed Data Bus Networks240• CAN, LIN, GmLAN, and mOST - Operation, diagnostics and repair methods • Diagnostic strategies for serial failure modes • Data Bus Diagnostic Tool - A Gm application to verify network connections and faults and establish a diagnostic starting point • Serial Data Gateway module - Alternative testing methods • Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Time base, voltage settings and signal trace capture ILT CourseWPAC
OLT-2806 / Gas Direct Injection Theory710Entry level technician gas direct injection theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2502 / Hydraulic & Power Assist Theory290Entry level technician hydraulic and power assist theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-215 / LBT-215 Pico Scope Guided Tour135LBT-215 PicoScope Guided TourOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2500 / Brakes Pre & Post Test150Entry level technician brakes pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
ILT-1210-8VC / Current Probe Revisited480Using amperage waveforms to diagnose electrical circuits is certainly not new. Technicians are routinely faced with the need to utilize an inductive amp probe to measure current. Proper diagnosis depends on not only operational knowledge of the amp probe, but a thorough understanding of the circuit being measured. In this course, CTI will revisit tips and techniques we have discussed in many of our diagnostic courses as well as introduce new techniques such as using a micro amp probe to diagnose circuits such as reference voltage and wide band air/fuel sensors.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1606 / Morning Huddles30There is no better way to capture the information and pull together the concerned parties needed to execute than a morning huddle. We’ll lay out the roles and responsibilities for this meeting and give you the template for having an extremely short meeting that gels your team and puts everyone on the same page quickly. Eliminate misunderstandings, wasted time, and poor customer service with the use of the morning huddle.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-43 / Current Probe Diagnostics55ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Interpreting lab scope patterns using your low amp clamp will allow you to quickly pin point your diagnostics when it comes to engine driveability issues. Engine outputs all have something in common; a coil of wire. Think about the composition from the rear bumper to the front bumper on any late model vehicle of all the relays, motors, solenoids, and sensors. The best way to dynamically test these is current ramping. To make your shop more profitable, test don’t guess. Topics Covered: Testing fuel pump rush-in current Testing fuel pump speed Interpreting fuel pump patterns to reveal bad brush to armature contact Dynamic amperage waveform testing on both the 2 wire Ignition Coil and the 3 wire Ignition coil Pinpoint the moment at which the computer turns on the switching transistor Find the defined opening and closing points of a solenoid Observe injector pulse widthOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2505 / Antilock Brakes, Traction Control, Stability Control Theory300Entry level technician antilock brakes, traction control and stability control theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-32 / EVAP Diagnostics: Diagnosis Module - Tank Leakage (DM-TL) System60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - The Bosch DM-TL leakage pump is primarily thought of as a European only device, but manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia and Mazda also used this component. The DM-TL was introduced in the late 90’s and is still being installed on production vehicles today. This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch will provide an in-depth understanding of the DM-TL and how vehicle manufacturers utilize this pump to test gas vapor systems. Topics Covered: Detailed overview of the DM-TL components Theory of operation with animated examples Review the gas vapor leakage principles How to test the DM-TL and system with scan tool Options for manually operating and testing the DM-TL How to deal with gas vapor leaksOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4901 / Common Rail Diesel Advanced305The theory and operation of common rail diesel systems in this 18 module course. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2603 / Electrical Circuits Ohm's & Watt's Law Theory490Entry level technician electrical circuits Ohm's and Watt's Law theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-333 / Controller Area Networks60After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the two common types of networking systems used on vehicles today and understanding how to diagnose those issues. Topics Covered: What is networking? Students will be presented with an overview of multiplexing, networking systems and how the various modules are integrated onto a common communication network. Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of this process from both a design and diagnostic view. Types of CAN: Loop/Star Students will learn the two common ways these vehicles are wired by way of the loop and star configurations. They will learn the necessary steps involved with isolating various module on each of these designs. High Speed vs. low: Students will be presented the difference between high and low speed circuits and will learn the priority of various modules dictating their placements. They will also be presented with various node and sub node scenarios. Diagnosing with scan tools: Students will be shown how to use a scan tool effectively to diagnose various types of network issues including the dreaded no communications message. Case studies reviewed: Case studies utilizing various tooling will be used to show the thought process used when confronted with a controller area networking issue. Instructor Bio: John Forro has achieved A.S.E. Master certified automobile technician with L-1 Advanced Engine Performance certification as well. John has also achieved certifications in heavy truck and body repair throughout his career. John has authored 20 Automotive manuals to date, produced several automotive training videos appeared in many of the industry trade magazines and won the Motor Top 20 tool award for Silver Bullets. John has been featured in several of the Automotive Video Inc. training films on such subjects as Silver Bullets, Quick Check Diagnostics and Mode $06. John is also certified in heavy duty truck, A-C Recovery, body mechanical, State emissions and is also one of the State’s lemon-law inspectors.. You have read John’s articles in the industry trade magazines such as Underhood Service, Brake and front end and Tech Shop. John continues to be a working automotive instructor and technician, which enables him to relate to the students needs as technicians. John has taught for several of the Nation’s leading companies such as Snap-on, Firestone, Mac, OTC, A/C Delco, Federated, Midas, NAPA, ATA, ASA, ASC, STS, LTS, CARS and many others. John has been selected to meet the training needs of several State’s including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York, Nevada, California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, and North Carolina. John is extremely proud of AST and is committed to its first rate reputation, which he feels will be maintained by providing the highest standard training classes and materials, along with customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in our industry!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1901 / Hiring Process HR intro30We usually think of hiring as offering a job to someone and having them start work, but it’s a whole lot more than that. We’ll explore all the components that make up hiring someone and smoothly moving them from a previously unknown person to be a contributing part of your team.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-288 / Ford Power Stroke Component Testing120This course is a complete focus on component and sensor testing for the Ford diesel Power Stroke Family which includes the 6.0, 6.4 and 6.7 liter engines. Computer data expert Ron Bilyeu utilizes the Ford IDS to explore and diagnose the Power Stroke family’s on-board diagnostics systems. In this course Ron Bilyeu addressed the PCM inputs, powertrain control software, fuel system, intake system and catalyst and exhaust systems. This course includes hand-on testing and live case studies with Ford’s factory scan tool, the IDS. Components Addressed: RPM Limiter High Speed-Controller Area Network (HS-CAN) Keep Alive Random Access Memory (RAM) Accelerator Pedal Position (AAP) Sensor Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Barometric Pressure Sensor (BARO) Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) Mass Air Flow Sensor Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) And much more!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4403 / Shock Absorber Advanced135This course covers the theory and operation of shock absorbers in 10 modulesOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
BSPP-5203-4 / Processes for Better Performance240Effective processes are the building blocks for consistent performance and higher profits. Documented processes create better performance, less stress and more profit. • Know where to start and exactly what to do. • Identify where process is needed. • Get your team onboard and invested in the process. • Real examples of processes that have helped transform other shops. This is a complete Systems and Processes class designed to make running your business easier and more profitable. ILT CourseWPAC
TF-2009 / Leadership30Dan will jump into the impactful and significant topic of leadership. We’ll highlight the dominate leadership theories and practice models. He’ll conclude by exploring what it means to be a leader and what some of the fundamentals of great leadership are when dealing with others. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0166 / How Customers Make the Appointment20In 2019 how customers make appointments is something to ask yourself. In an industry where we've typically had to call to make an appointment, this is no longer acceptable. Learn what options you have for allowing customers to schedule appointments, why they prefer the options, and how to make it the easiest part of your day.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1906 / Interviewing Techniques30Learn the best interviewing techniques used by human resource professionals that you can translate into your business. The better job you do interviewing, the more likely you are to secure the right person for the job and for your organization. Different styles, techniques, and tools will be explored for each position, as well as when and how to use each one. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-250 / LBT-250 Working with Gen X and Y60LBT-250 Working with Generation X and YOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0124 / Sales Process Step Four30Asking for the sale is the single most important step in your sales process. Many sales are lost by good salespeople just because they don't just Ask for the Sale. In this program you will learn how to ask for the sale, why many sales people are not comfortable asking, and how to make sure you always ask.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2011 / Understanding the Leadership Competency of your Current Team 30The success of any company starts with the people within that company. It’s critical to understand what they bring to your organization through their different personalities, aptitudes, communication styles, experiences, skills, thoughts and ideas. Greg explains the different filters he uses to identify leadership and once those leadership skills have been identified, how then to grow that leadership skill set.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1107 / Simple and Definitive Business Plan30By examining some truths and leaning into challenging questions, you will narrow your scope of business, which leads to the development of a simple and definitive business plan. Clearly define your mission, vision, goals, game plan, and execution. Learn to craft a one-page document giving you clear understanding of exactly where you and your team are going in the immediate future.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-191 / LBT-191 Introduction to the Ford 6.4L Diesel90LBT-191 Introduction to the Ford 6.4L DieselOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2403 / Suspension Theory440Entry level technician suspension theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-210 / LBT-210 In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics270LBT-210 In Cylinder Pressure Transducer DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2901 / Diesel Engines Basic Theory500Entry level technician diesel engines basic theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-1 / LS-1 Toyota Key Off EVAP Testing60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Bob Pattengale from Robert Bosch, LLC will be covering Toyota EVAP Diagnostics: geared towards automotive service technicians, hosted right here at AVI OnDemand! Bob Pattengale will cover Toyota Key-Off EVAP. This system started appearing in ’05, and is now the primary system used on Toyotas today. We will look at how the system operates from a step-by-step component basis process. Then look at the diagnostics, how to test the system and alternative methods for looking for leaks within the system. The goal is to help technicians diagnose these systems quickly and accurately. Toyota’s Key Off Pump Module Operating Modes · Is There a P0 Code? Using a Scan Tool to Find a Leak Using a Smoke Machine to Find the Leak Toyota Key Off Adaptors Checking the Filtration System Confirming No Leaks are Present in the SystemOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
CHS-3400-4VC / CHS: Advanced Alignment Diagnostics240Restoring the vehicle to proper alignment can be difficult when a technician does not properly understand that there is more to do than setting the angles we are familiar with; caster, camber and toe. For example, a vehicle may have struck a curb and bent a steering knuckle slightly. If the vehicle is returned to within specs without replacing the bent steering knuckle, it may drive okay in a straight line, but produce handling and tire wear issues when cornering. This class explores the more advanced alignment measurements such as vehicle symmetry, steering axis inclination, scrub radius and much more. Throughout this class the technician will gain understanding of many possible underlying issues that result from collision or vehicle alterations, as well as the solutions that are available when adjustments are not provided from the factory. Becoming familiar with all the many functions that modern alignment machines have to offer will make each technician a better alignment specialist.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA 0141 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Alignment Angles30Wheel Alignments are a great way of growing revenue, protecting your customers tire investment, and locating undercar areas of concern. Learn what the basic alignment angles are, which ones cause tire wear, and how to explain them to a customer. OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-114 / LBT-114 GM Anti-Theft Systems135LBT-114 GM Vehicle Anti-Theft SystemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-73 / F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus75LBT-73 F.R.E.D. Takes the BusOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-295 / Variable Valve Timing240temporaryOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-275 / LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using Your Autel MaxiSYS120LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using your Autel MaxiSYSOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
AVI-ASEA7 / ASE-A7 Heating and AC210ASE A7 Test Prep-Heating & Air ConditioningOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0159 / Finding New Employees20Hiring can be challenging in any job market but it is especially so when unemployment is low. Hiring new employees is more than just luck however. A shop can ensure they find the new employee that they are looking for if they pay attention to a few things. Expect to learn what you should always be doing, why you need a plan, and the best way to find new employees.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-43 / LBT-43 4 and 5 Gas Emissions Testing with Bill Fulton120LBT-43 4 and 5 Gas Emissions TestingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-40 / From Order Taker to Sales Maker 90ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Order takers don’t make sales. Order takers sound rushed, usually answer questions with yes or no and seldom ask questions. A sales maker will master the art of listening, take whatever time is necessary to present a solution, be prepared to address objections and always ask for the sale. Sales is never about price. You can only be compared on price when you fail to present a better value. A sales maker will differentiate their solutions from their competitors and provide a better value.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2203 / The Future of IT 30Should you have an on-site server or cloud-based storage for your data? Matt Morley of Amazing7, LLC will review the pros and cons of on-site servers compared to cloud-based online storage. Matt will also review best practices to combat ransomware and phishing attempts on your data. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-4401 / Steering Systems Advanced215This course covers the theory and operation of steering systems in 16 modules.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2600 / Electrical Electronic Systems Pre & Post Test260Entry level technician electrical/electronic systems pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-3506 / Hybrid Systems145The sixth course in a nine course series, this course focuses on the planetary drive systems of a typical HEV. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-19 / Reducing OBD II Comebacks Using Mode $0660The science of late model vehicle OBD II emissions just keeps evolving along with the problems that can result in comebacks from repeat Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) sometimes referred to as the ‘Misery Indicator Light!’ Trouble codes, data PIDs and freeze frames are helpful but sometimes just won’t provide you enough information on intermittent problems. Fortunately Mode $06 is on just about every shop’s scan tool and can save the day IF you’re willing to learn a little about its deep dive record of emission monitors. In this seminar, veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs helps you sort out the engineering complexities from the simpler side of Mode $06 so you can put this powerful function of your scan tool to real world practical use. Learn how to use those confusing TIDs, CIDs and MIDs on your scan tool’s Mode $06 display as accurate predictors of OBD II monitor failures so you can turn the “Misery Indicator Light” into a “Money Indicator Light!” Join us at AVI studios on September 9th 2015 at 4pm EDT for the newest LiveStream brought to you by Delphi and taught by Dave Hobbs.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4405 / Electronic Stability Control Advanced335This course covers the theory and operation of electronic stability control systems in 20 modules and quizzes.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-22 / European Vehicle Security Systems90Modern-day immobilizer systems present the technician with many challenges and European vehicles only prove to compound these challenges. A service as simple as replacing an ignition key can now end up costing hundreds of dollars. Performing immobilizer resets or entering pin codes in the stereo systems can be frustrating for the technician working on a modern European vehicle. This course will provide you with the understanding of the process on how to become a vehicle security professional and help you recognize the opportunities to utilize this in your market. Your instructor will teach you how European vehicle security systems work and how to properly troubleshoot and repair these vehicle security systems. Topics covered in this class include: How to become a registered vehicle security professional Pin and key code acquisition Transponder type security systems operation Diagnostic tools and programming Troubleshooting and repairing security systems equipped on VW, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and moreOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0114 / Fixed Right the First Time30Fixed Right the First Time means your reputation. If you can't consistently get vehicles repair properly, on the first visit, you will only spend marketing dollar after marketing dollar to get more customers in the door. Learn how to consistently create Fixed Right the First Time in your shop! Expect to learn the process components of getting things fixed right the first time, what your responsibility is in the process, and what the technician's responsibility is.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1704 / Parts Tracking30Considering that parts purchases are your second highest cost behind labor, it’s critical to have systems, processes, and procedures in place to track every aspect of parts purchases and returns. We’ll go into detail regarding the different areas that parts tracking affects and how to best manage parts as they move through the administrative, sales, and operations functions of your business. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-49 / Unlock the Power of Global OBD2 for European Vehicles65ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – Have you ever wondered how diagnostic trouble codes are set and how the engine management system makes those decisions? You might think the answer to this question is complex, as we are talking about European vehicles and most technicians believe EURO vehicles can only be diagnosed using an expensive OE or enhanced aftermarket scan tool. In reality the answer is simple and the solution is closer and less expensive than you might think. The solution is fully understanding the power of Global OBD2 and this HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch and presented by Jim Wilson, will provide the information needed to successfully use a Global OBD2 scan tool on European vehicles. Course Objectives: Knowing what the 10 Global OBD2 modes are Review the powerful list of Mode $01 data parameters. Understanding the power of Mode $02 - Freeze Frame data. Understanding Mode $06 and DTC set criteria Know how to use Short Term and Long Term Fuel Trim as a diagnostic baseline and repair verification tool. Review the variety and differences between OBD2 generic scan toolOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2501 / Brakes Introduction Theory120Entry level technician brakes introduction theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0131 / Selling Shocks and Struts30Shocks and struts rarely get replaced, and yet they are an integral suspension component that leads to many other service items. Learn to identify opportunities to educate customers on shock and strust replacement, increase revenues with related undercar components, and get better at explaining the reasons to replace shocks and struts.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0108 / Customer Buying Process Step Five30The final step in the Customer Buying Process is just as crucial as the previous 4 steps. This step ensures return customers, makes customers want to talk about you, and creates additional car count for your shop! Learn what post-purchase behavior you want in a customer and how to influence it. OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1908 / Onboarding and Training30There are tremendous payoffs in having a robust onboarding and training program in place for new employees. Dan will outline some key areas that will improve this process and assist new employees in becoming productive contributors faster, and will less tension.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VAG-5304-4 / VW/Audi 4 Cylinder (E888) Engines240• Camshaft Bridge Issues and Repair - 4-Cylinder Engines • Water pump Failures and proper Repair • Timing Chain & Tensioner Issues and Repair Techniques • Timing Chain Tools - proper usage • Direct Injection Fuel System - Evolution and Operation • Turbocharger - Diagnosis and Effective Fixes for Boost DTCs • Audi Valvelift System - Components and Operation • Variable Displacement Oil pump - Design, function, and testing • Innovative Thermal management Strategy - Gen3 • VCDS and Scan Tool Navigation and Use - How and When to Adapt Individual Components ILT CourseWPAC
LBT-303SP / Fundamentos de Diagnósticos Eléctricos105¿Tiene dudas de como circula la electricidad en un automóvil? En esta clase de Electricidad Básica, estudiamos el comportamiento de la electricidad comparándolo directamente con el agua. Comparamos el voltaje con la presión de un fluido y de la misma forma la cantidad de fluido la cual representa la cantidad de corriente circulando medida en amperes. Hablamos de la Ley de Ohms y su aplicación diaria en el taller. Hablamos sobre relés y sus distintas configuraciones. Analizamos circuitos en paralelo, serie, así como también en serie/paralelo. Estudiamos punto por punto la alimentación de corriente a una bomba de gasolina y de la misma forma los ventiladores de un sistema de refrigeración de motor. Simplemente siéntese y mire el video el cual le dará la oportunidad de convertir este tiempo en dinero mañana mismo.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1702 / Bin and Board System30Develop a methodology to thoroughly use all available time and resources with a bin or board system. Learn why this system is critical to a smooth-running shop. Set standards for effective transfer of information, vehicle and parts flow through the shop, which, in turn, allows for maximum tech efficiency, optimal revenue generation, and a more gratifying client interaction.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA 0149 / Telephone Selling30Great telephone skills are a very important part of being in business! Everyone who answers the phone should have solid telephone skills and personality. What makes for consistent quality on the phone? How can you sell better over the phone? This program discusses the basics of answering the phone with consistency, engaging the customer on the phone, and using today's tools to help educate the customer over the phone.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-192 / LBT-192 Advantages of Mode $0660LBT-192 Advantages of Mode $06OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1703 / Shop Efficiency30There is a lot more that goes into shop efficiency than the labor produced by a technician. Examine all aspects of the system that move a vehicle effectively through your shop from start to finish. By understanding all the different elements involved, you’ll be able to better determine where you can improve shop efficiency.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-274 / LBT-274 Saving Your 6.0 Powerstroke120LBT-274 Saving your 6.0 PowerstrokeOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-142 / LBT-142 GM Smart Charge75LBT-142 GM Smart Charge SystemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2102 / Accounting Part 230Unlike large companies, most automotive shops do not have a dedicated Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Therefore, smaller companies need to fill the role of a competent CFO with a trustworthy accounting firm. Mr. Glen Shafer, CPA and CEO of The Shafer Group, explains the role of a CFO and how accounting firms can support the financial success of smaller organizations in the same way.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2300 / Manual Transmission & Drive Train Pre & Post Test105Entry level technician manual transmission & drive train pre & post testOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2200 / Automatic Transmission & Transaxle Pre & Post Test100Entry level technician automatic transmission & transaxle pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA0185 / Establishing a Training Program20A training program for your employees is so much more than just training. It can be a recruitment tools, an employee retention tool, and a business growth tool. In short, training for employees is too important to ignore. Expect to learn what expectations to set, how to make the program effective, and what a quality training program should include.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-14 / Diagnosing GDI - Gas Direct Injection65ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - June 10 2015 - 4pm EST: - GDI - Gas Direct Injection has been steadily making its way into mainstream for well over a decade. The miles accumulating on these state of the art fuel injection systems can often lead to customer drivability concerns. This in turn means service opportunities for the independent aftermarket repair business ready to tackle this latest technology in fuel systems. In this informative seminar veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs brings you up close and personal to the workings of both the low pressure and high pressure sides of GDI systems along with live scan tool and lab scope diagnostic tips. Learn what both the OEM and aftermarket experts are advising on the source, correction and prevention of intake valve carbon deposits that are so common on many of the GDI vehicles on the road today. Join us at AVI studios on June 10th 2015 for the newest LiveStream brought to you by Delphi and taught by Dave Hobbs.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0192 / Implementing EIS Part Two20In this second installment of getting an Electronic Inspection System implemented we discuss the actual processes you will want to implement and then modify over time.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-282 / Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics150Charging and starting systems are changing as fast as current model years roll out. What we used to do to test them doesn’t always apply to the new way of testing today’s vehicles. Instructor Dave Hobbs covers all the latest information & technology including anti-theft systems. Modern vehicles rely on communication between computers and modules that operate everything. A properly maintained battery is essential to power these systems. In fact, some batteries are so sensitive to being overcharged one can do damage with their shops battery charger. This program will show you how to diagnose these issues and keep your skills up to date.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
BSMK-5801-4 / Local Search Visibility - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Business Found Online240• How to get more leads from Google's Search Engine: o 16 Local Stats that will blow your mind o How to Actually Rank in Google's Map 3-pack Listing o Make Your Website a Conversion Machine o Reporting - That makes sense ILT CourseWPAC
TF-1501 / Customer Retention30Here we address why customer retention should be a focal point of your business, how cost effective this will be verses acquiring new customers, and ways you can enhance the things you’re currently doing to improve customer retention. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA0156 / Essential Skills for Service Advisors20What are the Essential Skills that every Service Advisor must possess? There are a lot of things a great Service Advisor should be able to do. If you were to pick just four what would they be? Expect to learn what these skills are, which ones are more important than others, which can be developed, and which ones they must have from day one.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0151 / Your Customer Referral Program30Having a Customer Referral program is a great way to let your customers talk about you. However, too often we don't pay enough attention to it, think about how our customers feel about it, or use it to full advantage. In this two part program we discuss the mission, key elements, and unique ways of creating and managing a customer referral program.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
EET-2001-8VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Modern Electronics Foundations480With the introduction of increasingly complex electronics on late model vehicles, it has become critically important to maintain a strong understanding of circuit operation and testing. Have you ever been curious about the reason that Ohm’s law works in some cases, but not others? Have you ever considered the practical application of Kirchhoff’s laws? This class will address foundational concepts relating to voltage, current, resistance, and power as well as the effects of capacitance and inductance on circuit operation. Additionally, time-saving testing techniques will be highlighted along with tool usage. This is an interdisplinary class dealing with all types of test equipment ranging from test lights and ohmmeters to lab scopes and megohmmeters. This is not a math class. All laws introduced will be done with the intention of practical application in vehicle diagnostics. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-3509 / HV Battery Management Systems195The last course of the series covers the details of managing the HV battery energy flow. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-347 / Top EPA Trouble Codes15Every quarter of every year, the EPA releases a list of the top trouble codes regarding emission related issues. Instructor John Forro discusses the most recent list of codes, and the possible fixes for them. A great class for all technicians and critical for technicians with state mandated emissions tests. Trouble Codes Covered Include: PO420: Bank 1 Catalyst Below Threshold PO171: Bank 1 Too Lean PO455: Gross EVAP Leak PO442: Small EVAP Leak PO440: EVAP Malfunction PO141: Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction PO128: Coolant Thermostat Out Of Range PO174: Bank 2 System LeanOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2608 / Electrical Accessories Theory240Entry level technician electrical accessories theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
FORD-2510-8VC / Ford EcoBoost Platforms Operation and Diagnosis480Since 2010 Ford has been putting the majority of their engineering efforts into the EcoBoost family of engines. Designed to satisfy a worldwide market, these engines have added over 128 patents to Fords development portfolio. Offering displacements from 1.0 liter to 3.5 liter, Ford expects this engine family to be an option for up to 90% of their vehicles. This class will present the operation and diagnostic techniques the aftermarket will need to service this massive segment of the repair market. Each major system of the EcoBoost will be covered using not only OE tooling but capable aftermarket scan tools and techniques. Topics will include: • Engine mechanical highlights • Fuel system operation and diagnosis • Ignition system operation and diagnosis • Air Induction and turbocharging • Emission components and monitoring strategies • Network configuration and reprogramming • Current service issues ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA 0103 / Customer Buying Process in General30The single best tool you can have in becoming a better salesperson is to understand the Customer Buying Process. This is the psychological process each and every human goes through when making a purchase. You will learn why this process is so important, what the 5 steps of the process are, and how they connect to your organization.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1903 / Pay Plans30This video will cover a multitude of options for pay plans and we’ll discuss at length some ways to enhance the overall compensation plan. Pay plans come in different shapes and sizes and we’ll help you ask the right questions that will lead you to determining what’s best for you and your business.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA 0104 / Customer Buying Process Step One30The Customer Buying Process is critical to successful selling and Step One of the Buying Process is the most critical for selling in the automotive service environment! Learn what what the first step is, why it is so important, and how to leverage it for sales success.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
STA-2506-8VC / Scan Tool Academy Applied Functionality480Scan Tool Academy: Applied Functionality (Module 2) will continue to explore the modern scan tool where Module 1 left off. Topics will include additional functionality on the manufacturer specific sides of the tools. It will include both professional level aftermarket as well as manufacturer developed tools. The capabilities of the tools to display, graph, arrange, and store/save data will be covered. The selection of PIDS for evaluating a failure will be demonstrated. Special tests such as all module scans, health checks, network test, system tests, and active controls will be covered to include how they are useful in diagnosis. Functionality for module setup, configuration, and option setting will be covered. The majority of this class will be focused on powertrain and transmission applications. Additional topics will include the use of triggers and automated captures and how they can be useful tools during diagnosis. In Module 2 we will: • Learn to apply graphing and recording techniques. • Evaluate network wide DTCs and communication issues. • Feature active tests not available in Global. • Explore setup and adaptive functions. • Refine the use of triggers and automated recording for diagnostic use.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-36 / Diagnosing to Win With Fuel Trim75ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- Fuel trim (FT) data is the automotive equivalent of a medical “CT Scan” of combustion event efficiency. Much has been written on the subject of fuel trim, yet much is still not understood regarding the causes of those high and low numbers. Is it a vacuum leak, faulty MAF or drippy fuel injector causing that FT number to be off? In this one-hour live cast training event, veteran instructor Dave Hobbs will provide valuable information on: Short-term, Long-term fuel trim and total fuel trim defined Long-term adaptive memory blocks/cells FT reset Dos and Don’ts Graphing to perfect FT diagnostics Misfires, false air, exhaust leaks, vacuum leaks and FT numbers – what to expect O2 Sensor Types and Operation / Switch Times and Voltage Ranges FT, MAF and VE – what they’ll tell you about the engine’s mechanical conditionOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0137 / Service Counter Process Greeting the Customer30Customer greeting sets a tone and sets expectations. Are you greeting well? Consistently? In a way that ensures customer satisfaction and increased sales? In this program you will learn the importance of greeting to send a message, how to greet (and how not to), and the effect your greeting has on the selling process.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA0170 / Interviewing Skills20Interviewing potential employees can be frustrating and something that isn't done very often. Interviewing is a key skill that shop owners and managers must develop if they are to grow a profitable business. Learn best practices of interviewing, what to ask, what not to ask, and what your interview process should look like.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0120 / Presenting the Courtesy Inspection30Your shop can do a great job performing the Courtesy Inspection, but if you don't present it right, it's all for nothing! The presentation also is never just presenting what needs to be done; it's presenting what's good, coming up, and needed currently. Join us for a discussion about how and why to completely present the Courtesy Inspection, presenting over the phone, and what to do if the customer says 'no thank you'.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
AD-3000-8VC / Virtual Classroom: Pressure Waveform Acquisition & Analysis From the Inside Out480Technicians with a good understanding of labscopes and engine mechanical operation can learn to leverage the power of pressure transducers in their diagnostic routine by attending this course. Pressure waveform readings from the intake manifold, combustion chamber, and the exhaust stream can provide a wealth of information that can make difficult problems easy to find. We will cover absolute and delta transducers and explain the characteristics and benefits of each. The diagnostic approach will be demonstrated using real world-examples and actual case studies. Students will complete the course with the confidence to invest in the tooling needed to perform pressure testing and analysis to improve their accuracy and efficiency.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1406 / Online Reviews30Learn about the importance of gathering online reviews and the influence of microsites and directories in the market place.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1106 / Mission, Vision and Culture Statement30Putting together the mission, vision, and culture statement is a powerful tool that provides leverage to every activity and individual within an organization. As this document comes to life and begins to penetrate the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of your employees, it exponentially provides energy and focus to your team.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-47 / Strange But True 30ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST- We have all run into weird diagnostic problems right? Well, in this HD Broadcast Ron Bilyeu will show you how to keep your focus as you battle strange but true diagnostic related issues and how to retain valuable information. As stated by Ron Bilyeu, “When something is very strange, don’t forget the diagnostic process and do your research”. We ensure these strategic tips will accommodate your shop with proper effectiveness and cut down trouble shooting time. Course Objectives: Learn to diagnose when no Diagnostic Trouble Codes are available Ability to read intermittent OBD trouble code P0012 (CMP timing over- retarded) Ability to read Intermittent OBD trouble code P0300 (Random misfire) Understanding low compression 90 PSI on all cylinders with engine rattle Understanding Smokes PCM every 3 days with no OBD trouble codes And much more!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0139 / Service Counter Process The Importance of Your Word Tracks30Are you using Word Tracks to improve your selling? You should be! They are a great way to get better at selling, more confident with your ask, and build awesome customer relationships. Watch and see how! Expect to learn where word tracks are most effective, how to use word tracks to improve skill, and common tracks you can borrow from.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2005 / Retirement30Most of us, at one point, will need to contend with the prospects of being retired and requiring a supplemental source of income. Objectively review when retirement is a viable option and know where there are potential gaps in your plan. Become an advocate for your employees in their retirement planning with the knowledge of the challenges they face. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1101 / Mission, Vision, Culture, and Values Introduction30We start by building the foundation of your business. The first step in growth is to create a mission, vision, culture and value statement. We cover the importance of these documents in your organization and how to embed them into your company. This document needs to be a living document that you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers know. We will teach you how to make this happen in a real and practical way. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
STA-3803-4VC / Scan Tool Analysis Understanding & Using Fuel Trim240This course is intended to provide technicians with a thorough understanding of fuel trim. From the feedback fuel control loop to recognizing when fuel control strategy falls outside of stoichiometry, the objective of this class is to allow technicians to more effectively diagnose a variety of driveability issues using fuel trim data. Topics will include: defining fuel trim types, air/fuel calculation strategies and using scan tool fuel trim data for diagnostic purposes. This course uses illustrated vehicle case studies to demonstrate the practical application of analytic and diagnostic techniques used by top technicians across the country. Learn how to determine which diagnostic tests need to be performed and, more importantly, which diagnostic tests do not need to be performed to locate problems quickly and accurately the first time.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0162 / Sell More With Your Warranty20You have a warranty for a reason...now use it! Warranties are selling tools, yet they are too often overlooked as the key to gaining that additional 2 - 10% in sales. Come learn why warranties are effective selling tools, how a simple word track changes everything, and how to best sell with your warranty.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-6 / Intermittent Misfire Detection Strategies75These types of diagnostic situations are always difficult because despite a general, reoccurring issue, the operation of the system in question is generally normal. Long-time AVI instructor Bill Fulton brings you a live, steaming course on how to attack these flaky, intermittent faults step-by-step. Bill starts directly with the customer and what questions you should ask that will give you the quickest test results. Learn which arsenal of tools is right for the job, schematic based diagnostics and system separation logic. Covered in this course will also be 8 real-world case studies that will cover fuel systems, ignition, electrical, BUS circuits and much more.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2702 / Heating & Air Conditioning Components Theory615Entry level technician heating & air conditioning components theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-263 / LBT-263 Duramax Diesel Diagnostics Update105LBT-263 Duramax Diesel Diagnostics UpdateOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
CTS-1012-8VC / The Logical Troubleshooting Process480Have you noticed that some people are naturally good troubleshooters? Perhaps it is a technician whose diagnostic abilities are efficient, quick and accurate. Perhaps it is the Service Advisor who deals with difficult customers and always comes away from it with a smile and a sold work order. Or perhaps it is someone else in your life who seems to always come up with great solutions to their problems. How do they do it? One of their secrets of success, perhaps the most important one, is that they have a process for troubleshooting. This process, whether they practice it consciously or unconsciously, allows them to successfully overcome the challenges they face. In this course, The Logical Troubleshooting Process, we are going to examine the elements that drive successful troubleshooting. These elements include: attitude, knowledge and a six-step process for troubleshooting. While our focus is the application of these elements to our professional roles in the automotive service arena, the reality is that you can apply these troubleshooting skills to any area of your life. Note: This course is specifically designed to be attended by Service Advisors, Service Managers and Technicians. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
GDI-4201-4VC / Gasoline Direct Injection: Essential Operation & Testing240Gasoline direct injection is rapidly being adopted by most vehicle manufactures in an attempt to meet more stringent CAFÉ and EPA emissions standards. This course covers the commonly used components of a GDI system and makes their function and operation easy to understand. Learn how GDI fuel injector function and control differs from older PFI systems. Explore case studies which illustrate how high pressure fuel pump function and timing affects engine performance. This course is intended for working technicians as well as customer facing personnel who would like to improve their communication skills regarding gasoline direct injection systems and their potential problems. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0194 / Managing Shop Workflow20Your shop's workflow is connected to everything from Customer Satisfaction to the Money You Make. Ensuring smooth daily workflow is critical to maximizing your potential. This program lays out the basics that you must pay attention to when considering how work is moved into the shop, processed, and moved back out of the shop.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-17 / Increasing Car Count and Profits70ARCHIVED LiveStream - Building Relationships and Selling Preventative Maintenance Price shoppers and coupon clippers only increase your car count for a little while. Increasing your loyal customer base is what really improves both your car count and long term profits! Earning repeat customers begins with making a good first impression, continues when they have a memorable experience and comes full circle with customer loyalty created by you knowing and acting on the most important things vehicle owners really want. Building relationships, educating vehicle owners and creating preventive maintenance plans that fit your customers’ lifestyles can have greater positive impacts to your bottom line than expensive marketing plans and upsell programs. Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs shares proven techniques to help your repair shop stand out where it counts - in the hearts and conversations of your customers!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-3501 / Introduction to Electric Drive205Introduction to Electric Drive systems including hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles. This is course 1 of a 9 course series that provides foundation knowledge of HEV and BEV systems.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-269 / LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation510LBT-269 Wiring Schematics InterpretationOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-3507 / HV Charging System250Course 7 of 9 covers the High Voltage charging system and the strategies used. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2703 / Heating & Air Conditioning Service Theory140Entry level technician heating & air conditioning service theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA0173 / You Need More Data20We live in a data driven world. Data is just as important to an automotive repair shop as it is to anyone else! What data should you have access to? How should the data be used? When should you look at the data? How much more data do you need? Come find out! More data will mean better decisions and more profit.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1004 / The Life Wheel30Is your life in balance? Here we’ll address the 6 Fs of life. When we too heavily focus on 1 or 2 areas of life, the other areas usually suffer. Our goal should be to continually take purposeful action to be a well-rounded and healthy, balanced person. Give yourself an honest assessment, and make improvements where needed. You’ll be thankful you did.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2601 / Basic Electrical Theory325Entry level technician basic electrical theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1503 / Ten Bright Ideas for Brand Building (part 1)30This video will address what branding for your shop looks like and 10 ways you can create branding, stay focused and on track, and build your loyalty and brand-awareness. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1102 / Company DNA30Every business starts with the DNA of the founder. By default, the core of the business is built on the founder’s spirit, vision, knowledge, wisdom, decision making style, risk tolerance, investment philosophy, leadership, and teamwork perspectives. We explain how fast the DNA in an organization can change and what a leader can do to maintain the DNA of the company, no matter how large the organization grows.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2804 / Ignition System Theory220Entry level technician ignition system theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1308 / Ultimate Phone Training Part 230Greg dives deeper on how to build a deep connection with our clients by improving your phone skills. Providing great customer service starts with our phone skills. Remember people buy from people they know, like and trust. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
GDI-4201-4SPVC / Inyección directa de gasolina: Operación y pruebas esenciales240Inyección directa de gasolina está siendo adoptada rápidamente por la mayoría de fabricantes de vehículos en un intento de cumplir con normas más estrictas de emisiones de CAFÉ y EPA. Este curso cubre los componentes utilizados de un sistema GDI y hace su función y funcionamiento fácil de entender. Aprender cómo control y la función de inyector de combustible GDI difiere de los sistemas más antiguos de la PFI. Explorar estudios de casos que ilustran la función de bomba de combustible de presión alto y sincronización afecta el rendimiento del motor. Este curso está dirigido a técnicos de trabajo, así como personal que deseen mejorar sus habilidades de comunicación con respecto a sistemas de inyección directa de gasolina y sus posibles problemas de cara al cliente.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-1103 / Lifting Equipment Theory160Entry level technician lifting equipment theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA0190 / Service Counter Process: Building the Estimate20The repair estimate that you present the customer is very important. It serves as not only an indication of what the job will take in terms of time and money, but is also a sales tool, for now and in the future. Come learn what order to build the estimate, what to watch out for, and how to successfully use a well built estimate.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
ATV-5201-8VC / ATV: Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems480This course focuses on the operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid battery pack systems in conventional hybrids; in other words, non-plug-in hybrids. Over the next few years, the average shop is likely to see the older and more common hybrids: Gen I and II Toyota Prius, to a lesser extent, Honda Civic and Insight hybrids, and Ford Escape and Fusion hybrids, particularly for issues related to hybrid battery packs. Emphasis will be placed on component operation and tests, scan tool diagnostics and replacement procedures. ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LBT-55 / LBT-55 Enhanced Ignition Systems90LBT-55 Enhanced Ignition SystemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-50 / Diagnostic Strategies: Fuel Delivery60ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – In Part 2 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover fuel delivery. As with Part 1 on air induction, this course covers the diagnostic step-by-step routines technicians use. Your instructor, Ron Bilyeu has over 30 years of experience and will share his knowledge of the following topics: Course Objectives: Understanding different Varieties of fuel systems are covered, including GDI Understanding volumetric Efficiency Testing Understanding Fuel Pump Testing using traditional methods and low current with a labscope Understanding Short Term and Long Term Fuel Trim diagnostics Knowing the O2 sensor effects on fuel delivery AND MORE! Once you have a solid foundation it does not matter what make, model or test equipment you use. You’ll be more efficient as a technician by enrolling our course, Diagnostic Strategies: Fuel Delivery today!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0112 / Educating Your Customer the Tools30What tools do you have at your disposal to educate your customers? There are many tools out there. Some of them are extremely useful to selling, while others don't get much use but if used in the right situation can be indispensable. Come see what tools you've been neglecting and start to grow your sales.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LS-12 / Servicing Telematic Systems60The term Telematics escapes a lot of technicians even though it is becoming a popular technology that is connected to over 66 million vehicles in operation today and expected to exceed 356 million in only a couple of years. Telematics is a real-time support, entertainment and diagnostic system that you may know as Chevy’s OnStar and Ford’s Sync systems. There are very few ways to work with these systems if you are not the dealership – your true competition. In this course, veteran Delphi Instructor Dave Hobbs will educate you about the functions of telematics systems, the differences between each system and the new volume of business this state-of-the-art technology will bring to your independent shop. Don’t let your customers rely on the dealership for their service; educate yourself with this Telematics LiveStream.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-48 / Diagnostic Strategies: Air Induction75ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM: For a Professional Technician, the proper diagnostic strategy is a critical component of establishing your tech efficiency. In part 1 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this course will cover air induction. Learn the proper diagnostic procedures to determine induction problems. Your instructor, Ron Bilyeu has over 30 years of experience and will share his knowledge of the following topics: Course Objectives: Scan Tool Data –Learn how to group data pids to do performance testing on mass air flow sensor systems or speed density systems Testing Methods – learn why using VE (volumetric efficiency calculator) is critical in determining the efficiency of the engine in various RPM ranges Possible failures such as MAF problems (false breathing problem) Carbon, cam timing and others (real breathing problems) Relative Compression – you will learn to interpret wave form patterns to make diagnostic decisions on the health of the cylinder and pin point weak cylinders Case Studies focused on key air induction p codesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-18 / Promoting and Profiting with Hybrids85ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Imagine telling a customer with a diesel engine “Sorry, we don’t work on diesels.” Sound crazy? No crazier than saying “Sorry, we don’t work on hybrids.” The hybrid vehicle market share is quite similar to diesels and that spells opportunity for any repair shop willing to pursue the market! Hybrid electric vehicles have been around 15 years now and their owners can be some of the most loyal customers you’ll ever have IF you know how to gain their business. Veteran Delphi instructor and hybrid specialist Dave Hobbs will share proven techniques to get hybrid owners in your shop for the first time AND keep them coming back year after year for safe, accurate and profitable service. You’ll be amazed how modest the cost is to do a ‘hybrid tool up’ and how fast you can learn this amazing new technology that’s here to stay!OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-4606 / Electrical Engineering Magnetism & Electromagnetism190This four module course covers the foundations of magnetism, electromagnetism, Lorentz force and induction. This is course 6 of 9 in the series.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-173 / LBT-173 GM and Toyota EVAP45LBT-173 Evap Diagnostics: GM, ToyotaOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2101 / General Engine Theory280Entry level technician general engine theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-270 / LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw195LBT-270 Parasitic Current DrawOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-298 / Insider Secrets: Focus on Fords120In this “Insider Secrets: Focus on Ford" class, Ron will discuss Ford Eco-boost technology, turbo charging, and Variable CAM Timing (Twin-Independent VCT). Ron will share his analytical approach and what PIDS you need to be viewing, and how to use scan tool data to reduce your diagnostic time to make you more efficient when servicing ford Eco-boost systems. He will also give you an extensive look at fuel trims and how it effects the Eco-boost system. Course Objectives: Understand Turbo Charging Understand Variable Cam Timing Understand Gas Direct Injection (GDI) Understand GDI carbon build up Understand Closed Loop Boost Control Electronic Throttle Control Strategies Understand MAF function Using scan tool in mode $06 Understand Ford Failsafe Cooling Strategy Many more tips and tricks for diagnosing Ford'sOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0153 / Active Listening Skills20When it comes to customer satisfaction, listening is maybe the most critical skill. This program defines, and describes, what Active Listening is and how it happens. As a Service Advisor you have valuable tools available to engage in Active Listening with your customers. Come see how to improve your Active Listening SkillsOLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-3508 / HV Safety Systems250Course 8 of 9 covers the high voltage safety systems used to protect drivers, emergency personnel and you from the dangers of the high voltage system.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0127 / Selling Batteries30Winter is a great time of year to sell batteries! Obviously! Yet, have you ever thought about how much an "easy sell" can help you improve your sales process, help build confidence, and make it easier to sell other work? This program takes an "easy sell" and connects it to the Customer Buying Process and your Sales Process so that you can intentionally use it to sell better - in all aspects of your job!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-134 / Vacuum Waveform Integrity Testing75Diagnosing issues such as misfire codes on modern OBDII vehicles has grown more complex and difficult. Using vacuum waveforms is the quickest testing procedure to determine if a problem is mechanical. AVI can help you save time by showing you how to obtain the patterns, what to look for, what vacuum readings tell you and more. This program with Bill Fulton explains what peak vacuum is and how to use peak vacuum and vacuum transducers for diagnostics. He explains how to compare cylinder bank to cylinder bank using vacuum waveforms and how to do cylinder leak down tests correctly. Bill also provides tips on the four “MUST KNOWS” for cranking compression tests and tips on compression testing with your scope. Why waste valuable shop time when you can cut your diagnostic time in half using vacuum waveforms to diagnose misfire codes. This class will provide the information you need to use vacuum waveforms as a testing procedure. Using dynamic compression testing/testing procedures using idle compression How oil leaks affect engine performance Cam sensor vs. crank sensor diagnostics with case studies Lots of tech tips and diagnostic strategiesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2013 / The Five Dimensions of TeamBuilding PART 130We all strive for higher car counts and showing more profits on the P&L. However, one of the best ways to bring about more profitability is building a more cohesive team. In this two-part series, Rick lays out five practical steps we can all use to inspire and develop dynamic teams.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ASE-C1 / C1 - Automobile Service Consultant60Test Prep - Automobile Service ConsultantOLT CourseASE Test Prep
VSSA0189 / TKSA: Oil Changes20Oil changes are one of those services that most people know they need, but how much do you really know about them? Having a little more knowledge will make you a better salesperson, and more confident in your abilities. Expect to learn about oil change intervals, types of oil, and what goes on during an oil change.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-166SP / LBT-166 SP Usando El Ford IDS90LBT-166 SP Usando el Ford IDSOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
ASE-A1 / A1 - Engine Repair60The ASE A1 Certification program covers what you need to know about General Engine Diagnostics and repair. Dave Hobbs demonstrates the tools that will be needed in the shop and also tips and tricks on how to diagnosis and repair an engine. This class has massive amounts of hands-on training and explores how to disassemble an engine block and also gives you pointers of what questions you may find on the A1 test. Your training starts here, learn new skills, pass your A1 test and earn your patch. This program covers: General Engine Diagnosis Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis and Repair Engine Block Diagnosis and Repair Lubrication and Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair. Fuel, Electrical, Ignition, and Exhaust Systems Inspection and Service Includes: ASE’s A1 Test Prep Task List - Know what you’ll be tested on Interactive Practice Quizzes – Identify the topics on which to focus your study time Comprehensive Study Guide with Glossary of Terms 4 hours of video Runtime: 240 minutes Note: The A1 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.OLT CourseASE Test Prep
TF-1006 / The Mindset of a Successful CEO30Learning to have a CEO mindset is a critical next step in our evolution as business owners. Together, we’ll dive into the factors that make up a great CEO and learn where successful leaders excel. Successful CEOs are decisive, reliable, and resilient and don’t settle for a stagnant state. They also own that they’re ultimately responsible for the long and short-term success of their company. We can each use this as a measuring tool for our own performance as CEO of our companies.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1914 / Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment30In this video we’ll address sexual harassment and a hostile work environment head on. We’ll outline the specific areas that you need to be aware of and how to ensure that you don’t expose employees to an unhealthy working environment.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1504 / Ten Bright Ideas for Brand Building (part 2)30A continuation of what branding for your shop looks like and 10 ways you can create branding, stay focused and on track, and build your loyalty and brand-awareness.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-217 / LBT-217 MTS 5200135LBT-217 MTS 5200 LabscopeOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-13 / Start/Stop Technology Overview60ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - May 13, 2015- The challenge of achieving 54 MPG by 2025 requires creative solutions and Start/Stop systems provide a cost effective, simple, and energy saving solution. Passenger cars equipped with Start/Stop systems have substantially lower fuel consumption - approximately 8% less than vehicles without Start/Stop systems. Start/Stop vehicles are already on the road in the US and this LiveStream event sponsored by Bosch will help you get ready.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0150 / Three Secrets to Growing Car Count30Every shop wants to grow Car Count. If you feel your car count is down - there is a reason! Learn to identify the reason and then take action to fix the problem. Come explore the three things you can do to grow car count every time!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA 0122 / Sales Process Step Two30Once you understand the customer's needs, you must now Present and Explain the customer's options for service, maintenance, and repair as part of Step Two in your Sales Process. You will learn the importance of educating, exactly how you need to educate, and best practices associated with presenting and explaining the customer's options as part of your sales process.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-75 / LBT-75 Computer Engine Data Modes90LBT-75 Computer Engine Data ModesOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
BMW-5202-4 / BMW ISTA240• AIR (Aftersales Information Research) Application • VIN Specific Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams • Repair Instructions and Labor Times Within Single User • Find the information necessary to create an effective diagnostic test plan • Navigate New Wiring Diagrams – Hyperlinks, Connector Locations, View and Wiring Colors • Setting up ISTA Systems and Choosing the Correct Equipment • Troubleshoot Your Systems and Getting Tech Support From BMW • Scanning Faults and Using Guided Troubleshooting Test Plans • ISTA 4 (Integrated Technical Application) Dealer Level Diagnostics and Programming ILT CourseWPAC
TF-2002 / Internal and External Training Programs30It’s imperative to understand the impact that internal and external training has on employee morale, retention, and the bottom line. The majority of training has a positive return on investment. We’ll show you how to do a simple calculation to figure the ROI of training.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2612 / Control Area Network Theory320Entry level technician control area network theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
AVI-ASEA8 / ASE-A8 Engine Performance410ASE A8 Test Prep-Engine PerformanceOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-165 / LBT-165 6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced Diagnostics180LBT-165 6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-190 / LBT-190 Ford Powerstroke: Hard Starts and No Starts135LBT-190 Ford Powerstroke: Hard Starts and No StartsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
OLT-2801 / Engine Mechanical/Performance Theory150Entry level technician engine mechanical/performance theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
EET-3001-8VC / Application of Electrical Test Tools480Understanding electricity and electrical circuits is becoming the ultimate quest for the future automotive technician. A good electrical foundation is not only a bonus, as in the past, but a necessity in the future. Nothing will solidify the demand for a technician’s skills in the future job market like electrical savvy. Understanding what methods work, what tools are available and what test to perform will make every technician more valuable and profitable for many years to come. Electricity, for the most part, is unseen. We will explore the tools that enable us to visualize what is happening on a circuit. With the right tool, a technician can predict the outcome of a circuit and compare the measurements obtained during testing to the expected values. As simple as that sounds, it gets complicated when how the tool is testing the circuit is not properly understood. In this class, we will explore both normal and faulted circuits and demonstrate proper electrical tool application.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
BSLD-5701-4 / 5 Strategies for Wealth240• Proven strategies to impact your bottom line and change the How and Why behind your daily decisions. marketing and production are the 2 biggest problem areas we face as business owners. How much are you spending? How are you tracking spending and most of all, are you spending in the right areas? marketing working too well and your techs can't get it all done? Try changing the language everyone uses in your shop and watch your production soar • Evaluating your customer base • Tracking marketing dollars ROI - making informed decisions • Customer Acquisition, Retention or both? Where to spend those precious dollars • Labor Hour Inventory - The ""Bazinga"" Number - Getting the most out of your crew • NOTE: This is a workshop style class - Be ready to work alongside your online peers • To get the most out of the workshop, have the following numbers on hand prior to the webinar: o Average Weekly Sales o Average Weekly Produced Labor Hours o Door Rate (Labor Rate) o Average Weekly Technician Production hours o Customer Count o Invoices Produced o Number of First Time Visits ILT CourseWPAC
TF-1913 / Team Handbook30Having a company team handbook is a critical tool to communicate to your employees the important things that they must know about your organization. We’ll help you discern what information should be included and highlight areas you’ll want to give extra thought to make sure employees are meeting your expectations.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1505 / Creating Your Customer Avatar30A customer avatar is a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. Rick will educate you on how to develop your customer avatar though a series of steps and accompanying questions. A completed customer avatar will help you better target market to your ideal customer.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ILT-1206VC / Battery, Starting and Charging Systems Testing480Diagnosis of batteries, starters and alternators now include scan tool and capacitance testing coupled with the essential electronic skills you should possess. This course focuses first on the essential skills of testing the battery, starter and alternator followed by a review of current computerized starting and charging system technologies. The course also teaches a detailed diagnostic process to accurately diagnose and service these common complex systems.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
AVI-ASEL1 / ASE-L1 Test Prep180ASE L1 Test Prep-Advanced Engine Performance SpecialistOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
CHS-5000-4VC / CHS: Noise, Vibration and Harshness Analysis240Since man began to build machines for industrial use, and especially since motors have been used to power them, problems of vibration reduction and isolation have engaged engineers. Gradually, as vibration isolation and reduction techniques have become an integral part of machine design, the need for accurate measurement and analysis of mechanical vibration has grown. Over the last 15 or 20 years a whole new technology of vibration measurement has been developed which is suitable for investigating modern highly stressed, high speed machinery. Using piezoelectric accelerometers to convert vibratory motion into understandable data, the process of measurement and analysis is efficiently performed by the versatile abilities of these electronics. This class will show you how to use modern techniques to identify the vibration source, track the transfer path and pinpoint the responding component.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-29 / Focus on Ford90In this "Focus on Ford" class, Ron will discuss Ford Eco-boost technology, turbo charging, and Variable CAM Timing (Twin-Independent VCT). Ron will share his analytical approach and what PIDS you need to be viewing, and how to use scan tool data to reduce your diagnostic time to make you more efficient when servicing ford Eco-boost systems. He will also give you an extensive look at fuel trims and how it effects the Eco-boost system. Topics Covered: Digital Mass Air Sensor Close Loop Boost Control Ecoboost Pressure Sensors Diagnostics Electronic Throttle Control Strategies Types of Variable Cam Timing Electronic Returnless Fuel GDI Ecoboost Pitfalls OBD II New Monitors COP 2 & 3 Wire Pattern Failures and Tips Neutral Profile LearningOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-313 / Labscope Diagnostics150AVI instructor Bill Fulton updates his labscope diagnostic strategies with new case studies focusing on compression waveforms. Even those technicians who have been using their labscopes for years will acquire new tips and techniques for quicker and more accurate engine diagnostics. Course Objectives: Compression & Vacuum Testing Using Waveform Analysis Using Exhaust Pulse Waveforms For Misfire Analysis Checking Mechanical Integrity Using Cranking Vacuum Waveforms Compression Waveform Analysis Using Pressure Transducers Fuel Injector Pressure Waveform Analysis Fixed & Variable Valve Timing Checks Using Amperage Waveform Analysis Crankcase Pressure & Vacuum Testing Techniques Using Waveform Analysis Jeep & Ford Hands-On Testing Using Waveform TestingOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LS-39 / O2 Sensors: Wide vs. Narrow Band 75ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM: The PCM looks at the demands of the driver and then injects fuel into the cylinder to meet those demands. It then looks at the upstream and downstream O2 sensors to see how close to perfect it determined the air/fuel ratio. By using a scan tool and a scope we can monitor these actions and use the data to determine likely causes of concerns. Using the downstream O2 is particularly helpful in determining the cause of intermittent misfire. Join us to watch and learn how to use the scan tool and the scope to monitor operation and test 02 sensors to assist in analyzing drivability concerns.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-149 / LBT-149 Duramax Diesel Diagnostics120LBT-149 Duramax Diesel DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1502 / Customer Relationship Management30Learn the fundamentals of communicating with customers using modern technology, the right way to utilize these tools, and how these efforts can positively impact your business. The important topic of digital reviews and why they make a difference will be explored in depth. We’ll tie statistics into real ROI to help you gauge where you have measurable results and the greatest impact.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-329 / Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Explained60The first diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment components were introduced over 10 years ago and are required on all common rail diesel vehicles today. This HD streaming event, sponsored by Bosch will provide an in depth presentation on diesel aftertreatment system designs, system history, federal emission standards, plus theory and operation. The program will provide a detailed analysis of individual system components, including what causes them to fail and how to diagnose and service them correctly. Topics Covered: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) System troubleshooting and diagnosis tips Component servicing and cost saving preventive maintenance Future systems discussionOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0117 / Growing Gross Profit30Gross profit is very important to every business. How you grow gross profit depends on Cost of Goods Sold and how much you sell the goods for. In the automotive service industry gross profits are often influenced by the Service Advisor. Expect to learn the components of Gross Profit, how you can affect gross profit, and what you can do to consistently maximize this very important metric.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-2803 / Engine Management Signals & Sensors Theory505Entry level technician engine management signals & sensors theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
ILT-1200-8SPVC / Electronica Esencial: Probando Caida de Voltaje480Electronica Esencial es el primer curso en una serie de clases que explora el diagnostico y pruebas de los circuitos electricos. Este curso es la fundacion de las series que tratan con problemas relacionados con conexiones electricas y alambrado. Este curso cubre teoria electrica que es aplicable a lo largo del diagnostico electrico y muestra como realizar apropiadamente una prueba de caida de voltaje,asi como tambien cuando y por que efectuar esta prueba esencial. Los “proximos pasos”de este verdadero proceso de diagnostico tambien será la introduccion minuciosa de trabajo preparatorio en los fundamentos de la electronica que nos guie y nos prepare para la solucion de problemas futuros,todo esto lo puede preparar mejor para manejar los problemas electricos que puedan ocurrir . Todos los cursos futuros de Electronica Esencial estarán basados en la informacion contenido en este curso.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
VSSA0187 / Selling Headlight Restoration20Headlight restoration is something that should be a profit center at your auto repair shop. Walk through any parking lot - how many vehicles badly need it? Drivers know the benefit of being able to see better at night! It's something they need badly! So why not sell more?! Come see how you can! Expect to learn why headlight restoration is a great way to practice selling, how to sell more, and how you can use this easy service to sell more of everything!OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-2805 / Multi-Port Fuel Injection Theory300Entry level technician multi-port fuel injection theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2204 / Cybersecurity30Is your business electronically secure? This video defines cybersecurity and outlines measures you can take to keep your business safe from ransomware or malware. Presented by President and CEO of tekmetric, Sunil Patel, topics in this segment include specific challenges for the automotive industry and cloud-based versus onsite data storage. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2902 / Common Rail Diesel Theory300Entry level technician common rail diesel theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-2106 / Accounting Part 6 - Accounts Receivable30Do you have a hard time transferring data from your point-of-sale system to your accounting program? Mrs. Allie Underwood, Accounting Assistant for Aspen Auto Clinic, will guide you through the data transfer process. Allie will explain how to post payments and refunds in your accounting program, as well as industry specific credit card programs that allow customers to finance automotive repairs.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2800 / Engine Performance Pre & Post Test150Entry level technician engine performance pre & post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0143 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Engine Control Basics30Selling check engine light diagnosis gets a lot easier when there is an understanding of how the engine control system operates and why the light comes on. This program will give a high level understanding of engine control basics that can be applied directly to the sales process in language the customer can understand. You can expect to learn basic input devices, output devices, and what the system is trying to control.BasicsOLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-2101 / Accounting Part 130Hiring a financial professional can be stressful! Do you know the difference between a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), an account, an enrolled agent, and a bookkeeper? This video provides an in-depth explanation as well as tips on what to look for when hiring a financial professional from Mr. Glen Shafer, CPA and CEO of The Shafer Group.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
Honeywell-001 / R-1234yf Online Training30This training program consists of three short videos hosted by Paul DeGuiseppi, former manager of service training for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS). It will cover system servicing of R-1234yf, as well as service equipment requirements, ensuring that automotive technicians have a working knowledge of how to service vehicles that use R-1234yf, which replaces R-134a. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program. The videos in the series are based on the SAE International standard J2845 "R-1234yf Technician Training for Service and Containment of Refrigerants Used in Mobile A/C Systems."OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-260 / LBT-260 How to Sell a Spark Plug40LBT-260 How to Sell a Spark Plug: A Communication Learning ProgramOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1008 / DISC Test30We will introduce you to a simple test that will open your eyes to the way you and each of your team members is wired and naturally gifted. Then you will not only better understand each other, but also be able to more easily gauge which person is best suited for a particular position or task. A site to take the DISC test will be included.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-56 / Bosch Chrysler Late Model EVAP Diagnostics Update105ARCHIVED BROADCAST - Evaporative emissions systems are changing rapidly and can be difficult to diagnose without a good understanding of the changes. Since 2003, Chrysler has introduced two different systems; the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) and the Evaporative System Integrity Monitor (ESIM). This training event sponsored by Bosch will provide an overview and diagnostic tips for both systems. Topics Covered: Natural vacuum leak detection strategy Review of the Leak Detection Pump (LDP) system Overview of NVLD and ESIM components Operation of NVLD and ESIM Tips and diagnostic strategy for each systemOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
LBT-165SP / LBT-165 SP Aumento De Diagnostico Ford Powerstroke 6.0L180LBT-165 SP 6.0 Powerstroke Diagnosticos ReforzadaOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1708 / Time Management30We all have the exact same amount of time in a day as the next person. How is it that some people seem to make more of the time given them? The answer is in better time management. Learn what robs you of time, how to create new habits that will make you more effective and grab the tools that will harness the maximum amount of time out of each day.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LS-60 / The Mystery of Diesel Fuel Injectors60The Mysterys of Diesel Fuel InjectionOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0102 / Conducting the Courtesy Inspection The Technician30Possibly your single best asset when it comes to the Courtesy Inspection is your technician. This is the individual who's eyes, ears, and knowledge will identify what the vehicle needs now, what it will need, and in what order. Understanding how to perform a Courtesy Inspection in an efficient manner, consistently is your key to making money! Expect to learn how the technicain can help sell more work from inspections.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
TF-1103 / Mission Statement30Mission statements explain who you are and what you do. They are a reference to those looking to join your team and an ever-present guide to those internally carrying out day-to-day activities. Learn how to craft your own mission statement from examples and use this document as a foundational piece of your business.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
LBT-343 / Generation Z: Understanding the Newcomers75This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z. Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees. She will cover differences in communication and relationships and help you learn how to change your approach when managing, mentoring, and coaching this generation. We will focus on what has shaped this generation and how very different they are from their predecessor the Millennial. Generation Z currently makes up 25% of our population making them a larger cohort than the baby boomers or millennials! At the end of this session this student will be able to: Identify the age ranges that make up Generation Z Identify the characteristics of Generation Z Identify the differences between Generation Z and millennials Have and understanding of how to work with and sell to Generation Z Understand the environment that shaped Generation Z Have a better understanding of what is important to Generation Z Obtain an understanding of why this generation is going to be so important in the workplace as our future employees and customersOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0101 / Conducting the Courtesy Inspection The Service Adviser30The service advisor is integral to the Courtesy Inspection process. They must initiate the process, ensure the process happens consistently, and help to make improvements for customer satisfaction and efficiency. Join us for a discussion on how the service advisor creates the best Courtesy Inspection Process possible! Participants will learn to initiate the inspection process, communicate with technicians regarding the inspection, and close out the inspection process with the sale.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
STA-2505-8SPVC / Scan Tool Academy : Aplicación práctica y análisis480La serie Academia herramienta de análisis proporcionará un camino de ramificación teniendo un técnico del uso de herramientas de exploración básica, a partir de una base sólida, hasta que alcancen la condición de usuario de energía. Existe una amplia evidencia de que al presionar el botón clases básicas no han producido la comprensión y la comodidad que permite a un técnico para salir de la funcionalidad básica. Muchas tiendas han hecho grandes inversiones en herramientas de análisis sólo para que ellos usan principalmente como lectores de códigos y no mucho más. Esta serie en su conjunto no se centra en cualquier plataforma herramienta de una exploración, ya que nuestros clientes poseen y utilizan muchas variaciones de herramientas de análisis. Vamos a presentar conceptos de instrumentos de diagnóstico utilizando muchas de las plataformas de instrumentos de diagnóstico habituales, incluidos los de varias líneas (no original) y las herramientas específicas del fabricante. En el Módulo 1, la aplicación práctica y análisis, haremos lo siguiente: Introducir una rutina de diagnóstico enfocado y eficiente. Aplicar la rutina de diagnóstico para analizar las pruebas de la herramienta. Describe cómo la tecnología de herramienta de análisis ha desarrollado y hacia dónde se dirige. Explorar las entradas y las salidas de ordenador y luego comparar y contrastar lo que se muestra en una herramienta de exploración. Proporcionar ejemplos de la funcionalidad de 10+ plataformas de instrumentos de diagnóstico. Uso de información de servicio para entender los datos que se utilizan para supervisar los sistemas de vehículos específicos, así como la información que pueden estar disponibles a través de la herramienta de análisis. Cambios en la cubierta de trabajo en los servicios de la forma global, lo que se ha añadido y cómo utilizar la información para encontrar soluciones de manera más.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
OLT-2404 / Steering System Theory170Entry level technician steering system theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-334 / Diagnostic Mindset180If we were to start by trying to perform many different tests on every car starting with compression testing, moving on to ignitions specific tests and followed by fuel tests, we would never make any money on any diagnostic job at all. What if we took a different approach? An approach that consists of viewing a handful of PID’s on our scan tool to determine in which system listed above the problem originates. That is exactly what this program does. We won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of background system information we will instead show you a common sense approach with diagnostic shortcuts to get to the bottom of this type of issue as efficiently as possible. Topics Covered: Various automotive complaints Vehicle running rough Misfires/No starts Popular DTCs Testing with commonly used toolsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-2202 / Understanding a Basic Network Setup30Aimee and Matt Morley from Amazing 7, LLC review the standard IT hardware for any office and how to determine the network configuration that best serves your needs. Topics include wireless routers, protocols to prevent service interruptions, and why the proper equipment can help save you time and money. OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2504 / Drum Brakes Theory130Entry level technician drum brakes theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
VSSA 0148 / Technical Knowledge for Service Advisors Tires30A solid, basic understanding of how things work and are constructed can help instill confidence in a customer during a sale. This program provides a very basic, high level understanding of tires, tire construction, and useful information to inform the tire selling process. Learn to talk about tires in a way that customers understand you know something.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
EET-4201-4VC / Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Digital Storage Oscilloscope Application and Testing240This course presents practical application of digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) techniques. Appropriate testing methods of major automotive systems including: fuel, ignition, charging/starting and engine mechanical will be presented. Each system will be approached with the following questions: • What am I working on/how does it work? • What questions do I need answers to for effective analysis? • What DSO technique can I use to obtain those answers? • What results should I expect? ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
LS-4 / Practical TPMS Service60Mike Rose, TPMS Product Manager for Bartec will host this class on TPMS service and technology direct from Bartec’s TPMS Roadmap “The Six Steps to TPMS Success”, we will dive into common diagnostic and service issues and provide real life solutions.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA0188 / Follow Up Practices20Follow Up is an important component to every business as it supports the sales cycle, is crucial to customer satisfaction and provides important information. How well do you conduct follow up with your customers? Are you doing it for the right reasons? Are you using all of your follow up tools? Come learn the best ways to follow up with your customers, when to follow up, and what to say (plus what not to say!).OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VSSA0168 / Growing Gross Profit By Job20Gross profit is critical to business success. It is what most employees get paid from. Growing gross profit can be done in many ways. This program looks at increasing gross profit one repair order at a time. Expect to learn factors affecting gross profit, what you can control and focus on, and how to ensure each repair order contributes to an overall increase in gross profit.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VEND-5101-4 / Radar Ready! Diagnosing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems240• Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot monitor and Adaptive Cruise - Operation and Diagnostics • Radar, LIDAR, Smart cameras and Ultrasonic sensors - Components, Operation and Diagnostics • Camera/Sensor aiming equipment - calibration, tips and tricks, do's and don't's • ABS, electronic throttle, and EPS - Interactions and Customer concerns • Static and dynamic camera and radar sensor calibrations - Requirements and tips • Diagnostic tool data interpretations - Service do’s and don’ts and case studies ILT CourseWPAC
OLT-2903 / Electronic Diesel Control Theory335Entry level technician electronic diesel control theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
OLT-2605 / Battery Theory255Entry level technician battery theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-219 / LBT-219 J2534 Reprogramming60LBT-219 J2334 Reprogramming FundamentalsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1305 / How to Deal with Upset Customers30It’s an inevitable that all of us to have an upset customer to deal with. Learn techniques that will help defuse the customer’s anger and frustration and win them back. You will learn how to LEAP FROG back into good graces of your customer.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
ILT-1415VC / Modern Diagnostic Routines - Cylinder Pressure Analysis480With so many differing ways to diagnose driveability problems, how do you decide which procedure will yield the most information? CTI's newest Diagnostic Series, Modern Diagnostic Routines, will explore the latest information gathering techniques purpose built with speed and accuracy in mind. The first course in this series will provide you with procedures you can use to gain the most usable knowledge regarding cylinder pressures from your pressure transducer. Seasoned pros and those new to pressure transducers will all benefit from the wealth of knowledge this course will provide as your CTI instructor shows you how to use pressure mapping with captures from any brand of lab scope.ILT CourseVirtual Classroom
TF-1912 / Employee Files30Learn what documentation you should have in an employee’s file, as well as things that should be left out. You’ll learn what content is required and what supporting documents you might choose to add to help protect yourself if things don’t work out with the employee.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-1108 / Safety Pre & Post Tests200Entry level safety pre and post testsOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
TF-1307 / Ultimate Phone Training Part 130A great training on how improve your phone skills, which will lead to higher sales and increase your customers satisfaction. Learn how the top shops in the country work the phone and build a great client base through superior phone skills.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-3504 / Electric Drive Components625Course 4 of 9 in a series on HEV and BEV vehicle systems. This course covers the key components including the HV battery, DC/DC Converter and Inverter details. OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LBT-164 / LBT-164 CAN Data Diagnostics30LBT-164 CAN Data DiagnosticsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0118 / Increasing Customer Labor Sales30Increasing Customer Labor Sales is a key to growing revenues and improving Gross Profit. Learn best practices associated with consistent labor sales growth, collecting money for diagnostics, and ensuring accurate labor times.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
OLT-3502 / Working on Hybrid Vehicles260This course focuses on the basic safety and service aspects of working on HEV and BEV vehicles. This is course 2 of a 9 course series.OLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
LS-37 / Essential Skills for Electrical Diagnostics45ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - You’ve taken an electrical class with electron theory and all those ohm’s law formulas, but it left you confused. How will this information really help me fix an electrical or driveability issue? This LiveStreaming event sponsored by Bosch will clear up the confusion and teach you the essential skills needed to apply electrical theory in real world practical situations. Topics covered: Series circuit diagnosis for pumps, motors and lighting circuits Identifying and diagnosing parallel circuits Identifying and diagnosing series/parallel circuits, which are the most common circuits on vehicles today. Why you need understand the type of circuit for proper diagnosis. How to check the power and ground side of any circuit and why voltage drop is your best friend.OLT CourseAVI Video Courses
AVI-ASEP2 / ASE-P2 Test Prep180ASE P2 Test Prep-Automobile Parts SpecialistOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
VSSA 0116 / Getting the Most From Your Customer Referral Program30You have a customer referral program, but are you getting the most out of it? Come check out what more you can be doing to make sure you get the absolute most out of your program. Expect to learn best practices related to maximizing the value customers receive, maximizing the value the shop recieves, and putting the program to work to gain valuavle customers.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
VAG-5202-4 / VAG ODIS240• VW and Audi - Diagnostics - Scan Tool – parameters • Engine Control Unit replacement - Best practices • Control Unit Updating and Coding • Component protection Removal • Key programming • Remote programming ILT CourseWPAC
TF-1001 / Entrepreneur Test30The most important 7 inches course is about the 7 inches the inches between your head. It's where you're at now, what success means to you, and how you're going to get from where you're at to where you want to be. This course will help you understand how entrepreneurial you are and how much risk-taking you are willing to take-on.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
VSSA 0105 / Customer Buying Process Step Two30The second step in the Customer Buying Process is for the customer to gather information on who can help them solve their problem. As a service advisor you may feel you have little do do with this step as it is the responsibility of marketing. However, you can influence it. You will learn how customers gather this information, what you can do to influence their information gathering, and how to position yourself as the expert.OLT CourseService Sales Academy
LBT-228 / LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems75LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC SystemsOLT CourseAVI Video Courses
TF-1909 / Employee Retention30Employee retention can amplify your strength as an organization and be a magnet to potential candidates. If you want to retain great employees, you’ll learn ways to ultimately keep those great employees. We’ll also go through reasons that potentially justify cutting an employee lose that is hurting your organization.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
TF-1404 / Search Engine Optimization30Glimpse inside the world of search engine optimization to learn what is needed to navigate and optimize your shop’s ranking for services needed by customers.OLT CourseTransformers Institute
OLT-2609 / Lighting Theory300Entry level technician lighting theoryOLT CourseAdvanced Interactive Online Content
AVI-ASEL3 / ASE-L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist290ASE-L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle SpecialistOLT CourseAVI Video Courses