• I wanted to thank you for all of your training and support that we have received over the last several years. We find your CTI program to be the best training program available in the market. Your program has the most hands on, real life training applications that we have seen. Many other training courses we attend tend to focus on vehicle speclfic concerns, but aren't as Comprehensive or in depth as your training courses are. We really like the fact that you have customized the courses to meet our technical abilities and focus on the areas that we feel are most in demand. As the manager of our store, I always request feedback from our guys after they attend any training courses. When I speak with them after your class, I can see that they have learned something new and have a greater awareness and confidence of the complicated technical world they work in. To me that says a lot. We look forward to continuing our relationship and continuing to learn and grow in this ever changing business.

    Chris Brazzeal Owner
  • The decision whether to attend CTI classes is really a no brainer. Do not stand there and say I can’t afford to train myself and my technicians. If you plan on keeping your business and or working in this business you MUST make training one of your top priorities. I feel that training is even more important than having new updated equipment. If you don’t know how to use and what your equipment is telling you what’s the point of having it. CTI in my opinion is a very affordable way to keep up with today’s and tomorrows technology without going broke. The instructors are top notch, do they know everything? No, but every class that I have attended I have improved my skills as a tech and shop owner.

    Bruce Mason Master ASE Tech
  • I want to take this time to thank you for all you do for our industry. The value of your classes to myself and my technicians is really impossible to measure. It is an essential tool just as important as the equipment that we use daily to repair and diagnose the vehicles that come into our shop. We have other programs that we have attended through out the years of our business and none of them come even close to the abilities and content that is taught in the classes we have attended with CTI. Your ability to break it down to the people in your class, so that everyone there understands and get something to use in their own shop, is wonderful. When we leave your class we have the understanding and the ability to use it in our daily lives as technicians and service facilities. Your training helps fill in the gaps, or blanks so to speak. We may have had similar situations and found the correct fixes to them, but you help us understand the WHY, it broke or failed. And in turn helps us to explain it more clearly and confidently to the consumer.

    Kathy Lee Senft